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  1. Toblahoe

    What to look for 4.2V8 auto

    Hey all, I've decided to come back to audi ownership, I'm going to pick up a 2009, S5 4.2 automatic on Saturday. It's done 83k miles, and has full service history. What should I be in the lookout for? Thanks in advance.
  2. Toblahoe

    Stuttering after new EGR

    Hi All, I just replaced my EGR valve, upon going out for a test drive, the car stutters/hesitates at low revs. Anything below 2k and it'll hesitate upon gentle acceleration. If I plant my foot it sometimes stutters and sometimes doesn't. Turbo boosts perfectly fine, and there is minimal...
  3. Toblahoe

    Speakers not working - Concert

    Hi All, My Mrs '08 plate A3 is having a strange radio problem, at the front only the two tweeters work and the rear speakers don't work at all. When she turns the volume up the front lower speakers start working, but then stop on lower volumes, after having a poke around in the lower A pillar...
  4. Toblahoe

    Wheel shaking at speed

    Hi all, once again more problems with the B7... Main thing is that I've noticed at speed 60-70mph the steering wheel shakes slightly and gets worse the faster I go, at first this was the tyres, two had developed bulges, I got them replaced and the tracking done too as it was out. The problem...
  5. Toblahoe

    EGR Light

    Hi All, My EGR is knackered and kept putting the car into limp mode, as a temp fix I just pulled the cable out and the car runs fine, however it throws a engine management light now. With the new MOT rules it'll need sorting, I'm planning on just blanking it, but I'm not sure how to get rid of...
  6. Toblahoe

    Adjustable coilovers

    Hi all, I'm sure this thread has been made a thousand times before but when i use the search function it never brings anything up Anyway I'm looking for some adjustable coilovers for my B7 estate, I'm just not sure which ones to get, Id rather not ruin ride quality as it's got S-line...
  7. Toblahoe

    Clicking coming from intake manifold

    Hi all, Just now I've noticed this strange repetitive clicking noise coming from inside the intake manifold/egr valve area. Sorry there's no video my battery was too low and wouldn't use flash. Thanks.
  8. Toblahoe

    2.0tdi stuttering at certain rpm

    Hi all, I've had this problem for months now but it's only just started to annoy me, at about 1500 to 1600 rpm I get very slightly stutter which happens when cold and warm, it can be noticed in higher gears but is much more noticeable lower down, however it's not violent unless i get it at the...
  9. Toblahoe

    Fixed Store Problem

    Hi there, Just tried to purchase some stickers to replace the ones I didn't put on correctly last time and I cannot complete the purchase. I get stuck on the screen where you enter your Name, Address and Email, I can enter all that information fine but the Button to pay with paypal does...
  10. Toblahoe

    Droning Noise (Wheel bearing)

    Hi All, Literally days before VAG at the manor I think I've got a crappy wheel bearing. It's like a constant droning noise that appears at about 35-40mph and gets louder the faster I go, there is also no change in sound when I brake, turn, press the clutch and change gear, recently had a top...
  11. Toblahoe

    One of the nicest B7's I've ever seen

    Went to YMS (Yorkshire Modified show) at the weekend and came across this absolute beauty. Some serious work gone into it. Tent was really crowded shame I couldn't get more pics.
  12. Toblahoe

    Brake clunking Noise

    Hi All, After driving today I noticed a weird clunking noise when i pressed the brake pedal, It doesn't really depend on how fast I'm driving or how hard I press the pedal, as long as I'm moving I can hear it, It's also loud enough to be heard from inside the car, and It even happens when I...
  13. Toblahoe

    Machine Polishers

    Hi All, It's my 21st Birthday coming up soon and I've decided on getting a machine polisher so I can properly wax/polish my car after cleaning, do you guys recommend any brands or certain models of machine polishers? Also any kind of guide to using these would be great, Unless the Detailing...
  14. Toblahoe

    New heatshield?

    Hi all, After getting some annoying rattling the other day I climbed under my car and saw that the front heatshield was lose, I pulled on it lightly and it snapped away, all the connections on it are shagged. Do I need to replace this? I can't seem to find a replacement and most threads I come...
  15. Toblahoe

    Coolant problem

    Hi all, The missus has a 2004 2.0fsi 5 door A3, she's been complaining that the "Check Coolant" symbol comes up and flashes on her dash about 30 seconds into the engine running, her coolant level is always within the ranges and isn't leaking anywhere, however her front radiator fan constantly...
  16. Toblahoe

    Clutch slipping under load??

    So I've noticed recently that under hard acceleration it feels like my clutch is sometimes slipping. I'll be cruising at 2k rpm and I put my foot down to overtake or something and the engine will almost instantly rev to 3k - 3.5k and stay there whilst the car is only very slowly accelerating...
  17. Toblahoe

    ABS & ESP lights, but no fault codes.

    Hi all, The girlfriends A3 is having abs trouble again, the abs and esp light are staying on and not going away from engine start. I plugged in an OBD scanner and it only picked up a couple of Egr and emissions codes. However, she's just had massive repairs carried out like reconditioning...
  18. Toblahoe

    Dash MPG display retrofit

    Hi all, My B7 only displays how many estimated miles I have left in my tank. (Under outside temp/radio infomation) Are there any retrofits so that i can switch between estimated miles/MPG? Thanks
  19. Toblahoe

    Handheld radios

    Hi all, don't know which board to put this in so I'll dump it here. My best mate has finally just passed his test and got himself insured, with all the driving were doing were having trouble communicating and were not going to use mobile phones. I've been looking for some short range walkie...
  20. Toblahoe

    General washing and detailing for a beginner

    Hi all, I've had my A4 a few months now and I want to start cleaning her properly and properly applying wax/Polish as I'm a novice at the moment. I don't have any auto shops near me expect for halfords so I want to get the best out of it. What products are really good that are easily found...