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  1. kerbsidejanner

    my a4 b7 advant

    not sure if this is the right place or not. just wondering roughly what this could be worth as may be considering selling. 55plate 2.0tdi remapped to 170bhp 165k but daily drive, still drives really nicely, great mpg airlift v2 airride system, all fitted in spare wheel well so still have a...
  2. kerbsidejanner

    heating issue

    Just noticed today my windscreen is struggling to demist. No air seems to be blowing out of the vents on top of dash. Comes out of the others fine. Is this an easy fix?
  3. kerbsidejanner

    washer bottle cover

    Picked this up today part no. 8E0103927c Could someone explain how they fitted it please? Im left with a big gap at the base, by grill. Is there parts i need to cut to get to fit. If so could somebody mark them onto the picture above. Cheers
  4. kerbsidejanner


    ****** annoying f***ing curbs..... had wheels a year an been so carefull with them. Yet one of the bstrds jumped out on me last night and got my rim :( Lucky for me @ajax1976 sold me a spare and couldnt of arrived at a better time. Although come to think of it. Me buying that might have jynxed me!
  5. kerbsidejanner

    number plate filler

    I know this is probably done to death on here of were to get it etc..... already checked them threds, and ordered through plymouth audi. But has anybody done a how to on fitting it as im not 100% sure how to fit it. Any help is much appreciated
  6. kerbsidejanner

    new member

    hey, new to here, but have browsed a fair bit for ideas and help so thought best to join and make the most of it. here is my b7 sline, kept fairly simple, as not gone to OTT with it. 2.0tdi mapped to 170bhp full airlift air ride with v2 management merc alioth wheels cupra r front splitter...