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  1. Gareth_RS3

    Rotiform BLQ Caliper clearance

    I've just bought a set of Rotiform BLQ rims in 19x8.5 ET45 thinking i could run up to an 10mm spacer if needs be to clear the front caliper Anyone running these alloys or know anybody who has?
  2. Gareth_RS3

    RS3 Springs & Spacers

    Hello all just a quick question, I pick up my car Monday and I have a couple of plans for her straight away... I am going to be fitting a set of h&r springs along with the scorpion decat pipes. Does anyone have these springs fitted as I was wondering what the biggest spacers I could fit without...
  3. Gareth_RS3

    New car nice n clean!!

    Picked up my s3 a couple of weeks ago and i just got around to giving it a good clean and taking some photos This is my old a3 turbo which is for sale at the moment if anyone is interested its on pistonheads at the mo
  4. Gareth_RS3

    Facelift front and rears for sale with other bits!

    Hello there everyone i have been part of the forum for a while now but this is my first post anyway im selling my a3 1.8t sport this week hopefully and starting the search for an s3, so i have a couple of bits to free up some space and hopefully some cash! Facelift headlights after about £100...