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    caliper paint melting?????

    hi guys, i recently repainted my brakes as the paint job from new wasnt awesome to say the least, when i had finished they looked fine no runs etc etc, the problem i have now noticed is that there are runs in them that werent there before and i seem to have spots of this paint on my wings doors...
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    oil pressure warning light

    my oil pressure light pops up every now and then, vagcom says its a short to ground, is this simply a new sensor needed or another issue? thanks guys daz
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    door open warning light??

    hi guys, i have an issue with my s3, when i shut my drivers door sometimes the dash display will say that its still open, so the interior lights stay on and it wont arm the alarm,so you have to keep shutting it till it recognises it is shut, any ideas as its driving me mad, thanks daz
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    miltek too quiet??

    hi guys, i have a miltek system on my s3 but im not over impressed by the noise, it sounds awesome as far as tone is concerned just a little too quiet, what recommends do you guys have, ill only be changing the back box not the whole system, thanks
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    BANG noise from my s3

    hi guys, i got in my car last night and 10 seconds after starting it there was a loud bang, i couldnt see anything and it seemed to be running ok, but after looking this morning theres antifreeze all over the engine bay, im really concerned about this so any ideas guys?
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    re painting calipers??

    hi guys, ive had my AP racing calipers on the car for only months and they have faded already, how easy is it to repaint them and has anybody got any tips etc, thanks daz
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    gtrs eliminator intake help????

    hi guys, im finally at a suitable place to order my turbo for my s3, ive decided to go for a gtrs eliminator, my only concern is ive read a lot of issues with the intakes on these units, does anybody know how to overcome this problem as im going to be ordering very soon, they sell a 3 inch oval...
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    tyre sizes on rs4 alloys

    hi guys, can i put a 235 width tyre on myrs4 alloys, im not sure if they're too wide? thanks, daz
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    how to find what turbo my car has?

    hi guys, i drive a 99 audi s3 with an apy engine code, how can i find out what turbo my car has, i know its a k04 but there are different versions, thanks guys, daz
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    engine bay tidy up?

    hi guys, i have a valve with lots of vacuum pipes going to it on top of my rocker cover, on my old ibiza cupra this was a n249 valve with resevior that was removeable as you could bypass it , can i do the same with this valve as it looks such a mess, it doesnt look the same valve on my s3...
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    Hi guys, i recently posted about this problem and after vagcom'ing the car found it was a faulty longitudinal sensor, which i had replaced and re-adjusted, still the light came on, so i was then told to try cleaning and tightening the contacts which i did, and the light never came on...
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    which downpipe?

    hi guys, who makes a downpipe option for the s3? ive got a miltek hiflow cat and cat back system on the car already so if i could get a downpipe to conect to the miltek cats that would be great, although any info on this welcome, thanks daz
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    gtrs upgrade

    hi guys, after a lot of searching ive decided that im going to go for a gtrs eliminator, just for an easy upgrade, im going to order the hardware kit from atp, but was wondering if anybody could suggest anything else i might need or any fitting tips etc, i have already got miltek hi flow cats...
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    turbo upgrade options

    hi guys, im finally at a stage where i feel my car is ready for a bigger turbo, thing is im so confused as to what to go for, i want something drivable but id like to acheive over 300 bhp , what options are there for the s3, any help would be great guys as id like this done fairly soon, thanks...
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    arb's and dampers

    hi guys, im going to have fitted some nuespeed arb's, the 22mm and 19mm, my question is that my car is already lowered 20mm front 25mm rear on eibach springs, will i need to upgrade my dampers for this, my knowledge is limited on this subject so any help would be great, ive searched the forum...
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    new s3 ko4 question

    hi guys, ive been told the new s3 uses a twin scroll ko4 turbo, would this be worth fitting onto an old shape s3 as they map up to over 300bhp?
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    what turbo on the new s3?

    hi guys just a quick question, what turbo does the new s3 use, thanks, daz
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    s3 fault please help?????

    hi guys ive got a problem with my car, my ABS warning light keeps coming on and when i vagcom the car the codes im getting are longitudinal sensor implausable signal, or longitudinal sensor circuit faliure, ive paid someone to do this already to no delight so any help is welcome, thanks a lot, daz
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    max size spacers on the rear??????????

    hi guys ive just had 15mm spacers fitted to the front of my s3 as ive had big brakes fitted but i now think i need bigger than my 15 on the rear as the front sit further out, whats the biggest i can fit at the back, the cars also lowered 25mm, any help would be great guys thanks, daz
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    eibach arb 's

    hi guys, ive been told that i should change my arb's to lose a lot of the cars body roll, but how well do these work, the guy recommended eibach ones for my s3 but ive done a search and someone says the eibachs only do front arb's for the s3, is this true?if not are the eibachs anygood, im...