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  1. ben_a38p

    Squeak from LH Front over bumps

    I’ve recently noticed a squeak coming from the left front corner whenever I go over a bump or pothole but it’s only some, for example speed bumps I hear it and potholes on the left side but coming off my driveway hear nothing. Speed makes no difference and still squeaks with the brakes on. when...
  2. ben_a38p

    ECON light (2005 model)

    Especially with the summer temperatures, my AC even on low isn’t especially cold and the ECON light doesn’t turn off. Any advice? The compressor is working thinking it might just need a re-gas? I know the facelift models have an ‘AC’ button instead but facelift have a complete different AC...
  3. ben_a38p

    Tailgate Storage Net & 12v power

    Just wondering if anybody has this option in their A3? Only seen on some Sportback models but comes with 12v socket in boot and net on the right side? Just basically wanted a part number for this net. ... show me other bout modifications too