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  1. tracer

    ooooucha beastie

    been lurking off and on here for a few years now, just picking up odd bits of info but feel compelled to post pics of this one.....its a bit of a disaster!? just bought a new car so have been polishing up the b5 ready to sell it. anyway , a couple of days ago it wouldn't start, could kinda...
  2. tracer

    Autoquake - Leeds

    almost time for a new car, anyone used these guys before. or know of them? ex-lease cars at nice prices, I'm a bit wary though, feel its a bit of a gamble. google search found a thread on moneysavingexpert but there are mixed reviews and some good ones are from first time posters so there's a...
  3. tracer

    vote for XBMC!!!

    anyone who has xbox media centre will know its worth voting for...... details here --->
  4. tracer

    job interview

    > A major International company was looking to recruit for an important > position, so they interviewed dozens of applicants and narrowed their > search down to three people from different parts the British Isles . > > In an attempt to pick one of them, they decided to give them all...
  5. tracer

    head tracking with wii remote
  6. tracer

    Three men had a very late night drinking Guinness........

    Three men had a very late night drinking Guinness. They left in the early morning hours and each went to their home. The next day, they all met for an early pint, and compared notes about who was drunker the night before. The first guy claims that he was the drunkest, saying, "I...
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    this guy is amazing
  8. tracer

    can i wash polishing pads

    got some lake country polishing pads a while back from polished bliss, have only previously used the ones with little or no cut for polishing and waxing but this week i had a go at some paint restoring. as my car is out of action i'm using the wife's motor just now which is a very very faded...
  9. tracer

    engine head rebuild

    hi, well just got a quote for repair of my engine. it died on me a couple of weeks back. lost all power, lights up on dash etc, and unfortunately went out with a real crack so i knew it was serious. immediately thought timing belt, but it was still whole and in place. lifted off covers and...
  10. tracer

    MIGHT be a bargain for someone have been watching these guys' listings for a while now, seem to get good feedback and as its all no reserve auctions there may be a bargain to...
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  12. tracer

    bargain (ahem) s3 on pistonheads

    just bring yer own seats when you come to collect :uhm:
  13. tracer


    i did pm the guy and ask if he would consider sending to uk but no response, can't believe they went for this money. crazy fk highsports
  14. tracer

    wife passed her test

    just trying to get used to the fact that my wife now drives the car too. got up this morning and the car was gone :ohmy: took a couple of seconds til it sunk in that she had it. phew. my first trip out in the passenger seat was yesterday, she is a good driver but its just wierd for me.
  15. tracer

    scaredy cats
  16. tracer

    aero wiper upgrades

    got some valeo aero wiper upgrades from arrived next day. there is a small tab which clips in once the wiper is in place. when fitting them i found that this latched ok when fitting the wiper but once i pushed the arm back down onto the windscreen it popped out again. even...
  17. tracer

    winter tyres

    anyone got any recomendations for winter tyres??? looking at these
  18. tracer

    rear bearing adjustment

    hi folks. lookin for a bit of advice as usual. found the culprit of my abs problem, the rear drivers side sensor would move out of its location after a couple of days. push it back in again and it would be fine but would happen again a couple of days later. did the wheel bearing check of...
  19. tracer

    basic polisher

    hi all, need some advice, i have gotten a hold of an old black n decker random orbital sander. i have converted it so that it has variable speed control as it was a bit beastly at first being a single speed of 10,000 osc/min. next job i guess is to replace the pad holder, will just any...
  20. tracer

    someone just got a bargain deal

    spotted this one just as the auction was coming to an end, looks like a cracking motor for that price.