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    Exactly which wheel spacers should I buy?

    I'm looking for 20 at the back, 10 at the front. Looking for an direct link if possible. Car is S3 Sportback 2018 Cheers!
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    Any dashcam installers in London?

    Just wondering if anyone installs dashcams in the London area? Messaged someone on here, but got no response, so just throwing the tender out there for anyone who can help. Blackvue front and rear camera installation required Cheers!
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    Car delivered damaged - advice please

    OK, great day turned into a not-so-great day and need some advice. Lease company delivered the vehicle to me. It was delivered in pouring rain, and it was completely covered in road grime. An inspection of the vehicle was impossible. On the delivery notes, I signed for collection, and wrote in...
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    Question about front/rear dashcam fitting in an S3

    I'm thinking of buying a BLACKVUE DR750S-2CH 2-CHANNEL dashcam, but don't know much about this kind of thing. Will it be possible to have this fitted and wired into an S3?
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    My order details on website don't show certain options..

    Just discovered I can track the order of my lease vehicle (it's now at the dealers), but the equipment list on the Audi website doesn't list two options I've selected. Namely, the magnetic ride, and the extended leather inteior pack. It DOES list the 19 inch wheels, though, and something called...
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    Is the 2018 S3 different to the 2017?

    I'm reading on an American forum that the new 2018 s3 has some slight differences. Is this the case for the UK S3, too?
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    16 week wait for my S3 (couple of questions)

    EXCITED My order: Black Edition Ibis White (kind of wishing I'd spent a bit extra on metallic now) 19 inch V Spoke Magnetic Ride Super Sports Seats Advanced Key Tech Pack Extended Leather Rear View Camera Hill Hold Assist Parking Pack Black Roof Rails + a couple of other things I can't think...
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    Facelift Any remapped facelift S3's here?

    I just ordered myself a shiny S3 black edition with all the trimmings, and I'm almost certainly getting a remap. Unless I suck at the search function, I can't find any definitive threads on anyone who has had a Revo remap on their facelift S3 Just wondering if I can order the remap on the day...