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  1. Phil-1

    Should there be a Jack in the boot?

    My daughter has just purchased a nearly new A1 S-Line and it doesn’t have a spare or a Jack. Should it still have a Jack? It has tools and a wheel brace Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Phil-1

    PCP questions

    My daughter has just bought an A1 ex demonstrator on a 3 year PCP. Part of the deal was 2 free services, my question is does she have to get the services after them from Audi or can she take it elsewhere? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Phil-1

    Facelift Looking at an S3

    I was looking at a White 19 plate S3 today. It has some issues but what surprised me was that the shark fin aerial was black and not white like on my A3. Is this normal or is there more to it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Phil-1

    Parts Request

    Is the parts request locked? I’m wanting part numbers and a price for the rear dust/splash guards that sit between the disc and the hub on a 2013 TDI FWD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Phil-1

    Flat Battery again

    Last year I had to replace the battery on my 2013 2.0L TDI. I’ve had no problems unit this weekend when the car showed Low Battery on start up. I’ve checked it and it’s charging at 14.7v and after a run it will start without any issues. However this morning it’s done the same. I’ve disconnected...
  6. Phil-1

    PCP and registered keeper

    Hi. My daughter is wanting to buy her first car. I’ve said I would put my name down on the paperwork for a PCP plan or loan but will she be able to register the car in her name and will she still be able to get the free insurance deal? I don’t have any experience with PCP Thanks Sent from...
  7. Phil-1

    Any electricians on here?

    I’m looking for some help/advice. I had a replacement electrical shower installed before Christmas. This morning I switched it on at the switch and all was fine, went to switch it off and the switch was stuck in the on position. I have removed the switch and the Neutral load side of the switch...
  8. Phil-1

    Anyone know about business car lease

    Just been told that my job is changing and I will be moving from a company van to a car allowance of £400 a month. Knowing nothing about lease or PCP what are the Pros & Cons of having a car allowance? What do I need to know and ask? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Phil-1

    Cam-Belt Change

    My A3 is now 5 years old with 30,000 miles on it. I have been advised to have the Cam-Belt changes. is this something I should get done ASAP or could it wait as the car is still very low mileage? Phil
  10. Phil-1

    2L TDi cold start problem

    Hi. I’ve been having this problem for the past week and even more this evening. Every morning for the past week I’ve switched the car on waited for the glow plug light to go out then tried to start it. It turns over for about 10 seconds then eventually fires. We have just come home from a 2...
  11. Phil-1

    What’s available Brake discs and pads

    My A3 TDI 184 HP will be due new discs and pads shortly. I will be changing them myself and was thinking of an upgrade. Was thinking slotted or drilled discs and a fast pad. But it still needs to be drivable for the wife. What do you recommend? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Phil-1

    Private plates

    Hi I’m thinking of getting a private plate for my car. I have no experience of doing this and would like some advice. I’ve seen the plate I would like but I need to know the following. Once purchased is there a time limit you have before you must put it on the car? I want to purchase it now...
  13. Phil-1

    Help needed

    Help needed. Just got my A3 TDI back from having the Lambda Probe replaced and they did a health check and along with a list of other things they said the following needs doing Software fault logged in GFF for 5F/J794 control unit Requires SVM update What is this and should I pay the £146...
  14. Phil-1

    Any mechanics need some advice

    My daughter Ford KA broke down this evening. The oil warning light came on. I'm working away from home so can't look at it but a neighbour said it's ok for oil and the lights gone out but it's now got a tapping sound coming from the engine. Is it safe to drive the 2 miles to the garage? What...
  15. Phil-1

    Disappointed with Audi again

    Once again I've had a disappointing experience with Audi Harrogate. On Wednesday the garage collected my car from my wife's place of work as the Sat Nav was not working. When I returned home from working away (Thursday evening) I noticed that my Dash Cam had been disconnected. When I viewed...
  16. Phil-1

    A3 8V 2.0l 184 BHP

    What can I do to squeeze a bit more out of my engine I'm thinking about a tuning box or a re-map but that will have to wait until September when it's out of warranty. I'm thinking air filter etc. What would you recommend?
  17. Phil-1

    * Now Cancelled * North Yorkshire Regional Mini-Meet. The Kestrel Pub Harrogate

    Would anyone be interested in a return visit to the Kestrel Pub (Vintage Inns). Harrogate on the 26th March @ 13:00. Please feel free to suggest another date but I can't do the first 2 weekends in March. Thanks Phil & Matti
  18. Phil-1

    VCDS Code Error Help

    Im looking for some help. I had my car scanned this evening and it came back with a fault. Not knowing anything about VCDS I wondered if someone could help and tell me what the fault is. Here is the section of the scan in question...
  19. Phil-1

    New paint

    I'm getting my glacier white A3 back this week after having the bumper painted under warranty. I've read that you need to wait for it to "Gas" before waxing it. It this correct? And if so what can I put on it to protect it over the coming weeks?
  20. Phil-1

    First photos in print

    Just received my copy of the Saint Michael's Hospice Calendar with 2 of my photos in. Well pleased. [emoji2]