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  1. Rastamouse

    Audi a5 2009 coupe

    Hey Trups Im after some decent headlight bulbs , dipped and main also sidelight/ drl for halogen headlights, need some crisp white light and good output, What would you recommend?? Cheers pal G Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Rastamouse

    Anyone fitted these bulbs ???

    Has anyone fitted these or similar bulbs in 2009 halogen headlight A5, I have a set and had a look before , but it seems theres a metal housing where the h7 bulbs fits into. But this wont fit over the back of the led bulbs to locate, anyone know a way round this or had similar problems?? Thanks...
  3. Rastamouse

    Dipstick in or out???

    Just bought a dipstick for my 2009 2.0tfsi A5, because the bonnet latch sensor was playing up hence not getting an oil reading on MMI My question is, is it safe to leave the dipstick in the tube or will it cause any issues with it being in there?? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Rastamouse

    Vag fault code 05580

    Got this fault coming up but no description, can anyone help?? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Rastamouse


    Quick question guys are yne saloon and avant headlights the same for the b7?? Was told once upon a time that they were different to each other?
  6. Rastamouse

    Bike carrier

    Can anyone recommend me a decent bike carrier for my saloon please . Thanks
  7. Rastamouse

    Boot microswitch

    Need a bit of help ,need to change the microswitch in the boot of my car, found 2 microswitches online with a £15 price difference one is 8do953229 and the other is 8eo953229, its says 8eo is for a4 b7 and 8do is for a3/a4 .can anyone help me out on this?
  8. Rastamouse

    New brakes recommendations

    Guys gona need some new discs and pads soon,anyone got any recommendations of decent ones to buy,and price. Preferably ones that will perform better than the OEM ones I got now . Car is a 2.0 tdi by the way. Thanks G
  9. Rastamouse

    Window regulator

    Guys, anyone had any experience of changing the driver side window regulator,mines busted is crunching its way down and wont close,have stripped the door card off and checked the motor and that works fine. How much of a job is it to change? Have seen some regulators on ebay but don't know if...
  10. Rastamouse

    Shortened number pates

    Hey guys I'm looking to minimise the visual impact that the full sized number plate has on the front,was thinking of getting a shortened version of mine (B15 GWG) anyone know where i can get some from,would still require the std text,height and spacing of current legal plates. My other option...
  11. Rastamouse

    Gta v guide?

    Anyone got this guide on pdf?? Thats willing to share it with me?
  12. Rastamouse


    Opened my windows from the key fob today,but didnt open any doors,so the car locked itself with the windows still open, Now i didnt disable the interior sensors,after a while the indicators started flashing as if the alarm was goin off, but there was no noise off the alarm.saying that ive never...
  13. Rastamouse

    Can you help???

    Ok guys, need a bit if help. Im currently in the process of buying some leather interior fir my saloon , but the current owner isnt sure wether the rear seats are fixed or folding, hes gona take some pics for me of the rear seats for me to look at. The help i need is if any of you guys could...
  14. Rastamouse

    Will it it???

    Gents. Im looking at converting the exhaust on my 2.0 tdi non quattro a4 from single exit to twin exit. Ive already got a twin exit rear valance ready to fit My question is my mates got an oem 2.0l petrol Quattro twin exit exhaust system going spare, will this fit on my car?? Any help on this...
  15. Rastamouse

    Finally!! Got them and fitted em!

    After the second attempt at getting these lights from fk they finally arrived on friday!( to cut a long story short, first time i ordered they were in stock only for fk to cancel and refund me saying they didnt have any! Anyway second time was successful ) Fitted them this morning,and im happy...
  16. Rastamouse

    New wheels

    Quite fancy saving some pennies and getting some new wheels.fancy these 3sdm. What do you reckon? Can anyone photoshop these onto my car for me to see how they look?
  17. Rastamouse

    Broke my undertray!😭

    Was coming from my brothers house yesterday,and driving from the car park near the house caught the undertray as i was going down the little ramp to the road . Snapped both rear mounting points.managed to get it back up,but is just a temp fix. Can anyone help me out with a part number for a new...
  18. Rastamouse

    What did you do to your B7 today

    Sorted out my bumper/bonnet gap today (as it was getting on my t**s) and gave the car a quick wash Gap before: After: Looks a lot better now! Also sorted my reverse camera retrofit out,now works a dream.will take some pics when i get a chance.
  19. Rastamouse

    Will this fit???

    Just a quick one guys, will a flat bottomed steering wheel off a 2010 TT fit my b7 saloon??? I will also need an airbag for it,which one should i get that will work with the connections on mine? Thanks
  20. Rastamouse

    Sun dream team 2012/2013

    Hey guys I've created a mini league and want to send an open invitation to join it,please join up,the more the merrier. League is :- Big g premier league League pin :- 129951 League password :- corrado Thanks and good luck!