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    A7 Boot Liner

    Merry Christmas all, Any of you bunch come across a decent rubber boot liner for our beloved A7's? Found a website ( that does the floor mats but can't for whatever reason get a boot liner Hoping you gents may have found something I've missed

    Dunlop SPORTMAXX Cracked (& replacements)

    Morning all, had these Sportmaxx RT's on my A7 for about 18 months, took the fronts off to change the xenon bulbs and noticed they both were developing cracks in the sidewalls They've got about 14k miles on them, and a fair bit of tread left. So for safety sake I am looking to change them...

    No Power Steering

    Hi all, I know this has been covered before but everything I try does not work. So, changed the battery (5+ years old) for a new Bosch S4. Yellow steering sensor came up (but still had power steering at the time) and the ESP light. I tried clearing the fault code (Steering Angle Sensor) with...

    First things to do with your new car..

    So whenever I get a new (to me) car I have a shortlist of things I'd like to change like internal light bulbs ect. What do you do to make it feel like your own? And things that are not gonna break the bank, like a set of new mats etc I've thought about decarbonising the engine (dependant on...

    A7 Pads (& discs?)

    Morning, Just had the pad warning light come up this morning, so looking for a decent replacement that doesn't squeal and has some decent stopping power. I read a couple of posts about EBC Red Stuff pads being a good choice? The previous MOT records have the front discs as 'worn, pitted and...

    Locking bolt length for different thickness spacers

    I know I know, it has been asked a thousand times, but I cant find the info for the life of me. There are SO MANY threads with so many replies its difficult to find the information I am looking for. So I have ordered Eibach spacers, 12mm and 15mm, and while they have given me the information...

    A7 Engine Bay Clean

    Hi all, the engine bay on my A7 was in dire need of a tidy up, so after doing a bit of research I took the plunge and had a crack at getting it in better shape. This is what I had to start with.. Dusty and dirty Got out the pressure washer, brushes and the APC and set to work...

    A7 Black Edition bath..

    Even though the dealership washed it, it still wasn't clean. Glass is a massive bug bear of mine, and driving it home in the dark with a semi smeary screen was driving me insane! The weather looked decent from inside, but when outside it was FREEZING!! Not only cold, but a bitter wind blowing...

    My New A7 Black Edition Thread

    Hi guys and girls..Im looking to get a bit more activity in the A7 section, it can be a bit baron sometimes when I have been looking for information. So, I am trading up from my loyal servant, an A3 8p, I am due to go see (and hopefully buy) a 2013 A7 Black Edition at the weekend. Got some nice...

    Meguiars Ultimate Quick Wax

    Just thought I'd post the results I got with the above.. Simple 2 bucket wash & then applied Megs quick wax.


    Hi, Not sure if this is the right section, but could someone give me an idea what these wheels would look like on my car? Looking @ moving up from the 18's on it, to 19's.. Thanks in advance Matt

    The Perception of Snow Foam..

    Now, far be it for me to throw up the the opinions of a professional detailer, but I have noticed the love it or hate it feeling amongst snow foam users. It crossed my mind today, while cleaning the Mrs car..where, after 10mins of dwelling, the foam did pretty much ****** all. It emphasized...

    So, the wife came home and caught me...

    :wtf: my car! Id managed to miss most of the sunshine and get the kit out just as a snow shower started :cold: She had no sympathy guessed it..:whip: So, I had my work cut out for me.. Start off with some snow foam and Bilberry'd the wheels (twice!)...

    DSG Oil & Filter change at what age/mileage?

    Hi, Cant find a definitive answer from searching for this.. I was looking through my service book the other day and noticed that the DSG oil & filter box had not been checked on any of its 3 services (20/40/60k). Anyone know if it shouldve been done? I only ask as when pulling away it kinda...

    Engine Bay Advice

    Morning all, Can someone tell me if I need to cover anything before getting the pressure washer on my engine bay? Ive read various threads & guides which say to cover 'sensetive' parts with foil or something to avoid water saturation, but Im not sure exactly what?! Things like battery and...

    Will springs get rid of this??

    Hi, Will springs alone get rid of this gap?? Was looking at coils, as I wanted to drop the ride height, but I dont want to deck it and tuck the wheels in as its an every day car. Would love to buy a complete kit but funds wont allow looking to get some springs soon, then match with...

    Audi RS5 on 20" Vossen VVS-CV4

    Audi RS5 Bagged on 20" Vossen VVS-CV4 Concave Wheels / Rims - YouTube :drool:

    How would YOU spend MY money?!

    Hi all, I have not been on this forum long, but recenty acquired the below.. I'm guessing some may think it looks tractor like, or do you think the ride height is ok? I am looking at some mods, but not too sure where to spend my hard earned.. I love the LED rear light conversion so...

    Meguiars 15% off

    Afternoon all, I was looking for some products last week and found that Euro Parts Car Cleaning Accessories | Car Interior & Exterior Accessories have 15% off (not all) Meguiars gear at the mo..not sure how long for tho Got myself some tasty savings, and am now freezing after washing the...

    A3 Sportback S Line

    Hi, I am new to the forum, but from what I have read on other posts Im hoping I will get the same knowledgeable answers from you. I only have have a budget of 10-12k and do alot of mileage so need a diesel (I know, I know..) really, and am undecided on an 07/57 or an 08/58 (facelift) S Line...