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  1. Mark_86

    Facelift Moving on from the S3...

    Hi all. It's that time I'm afraid where I've decided to part ways with the S3. It's been a pretty good car, really quick, laugh out loud grip and stability and quite economical for a 310Ps motor. The technology in the car is impressive, with ACC, Mag-ride and VC some of the options I ticked and...
  2. Mark_86

    Mountune start VAG tuning.

    Hi all, So Mountune, best known for developing warranty approved kits for Ford ST/RS models have begun a move over to VAG products aswell. They've started with the VW Golf GTI/R models, but cannot see why they won't include Audi in the near future. Some interesting developments and I wonder if...
  3. Mark_86

    Facelift EVO Magazine Review MY2019 S3

    For those that are interested, Evo magazine have done a review of the 2019 Audi S3. Enjoy.
  4. Mark_86

    Facelift Fault Code U043200 ?

    Hi folks, Any ideas what fault code U043200 'Invalid data received from multi-axis acceleration sensor module' relates to and possible cause? Car was in for a Haldex oil change and it's raised this fault, so Quattro not working at present. Thanks :)
  5. Mark_86

    Facelift Revo S3 Review Worth a read.
  6. Mark_86

    Q2 2019 MY SQ2

    296hp SQ2... interesting option...
  7. Mark_86

    Q3 2019 MY Q3 Looks awesome! When my S3 is up in a few years, might change into one of these... :)
  8. Mark_86

    MY17/18 S3 Gearbox software update (S-tronic)

    Hi all, Just a heads up, I've been moaning about my S-tronic box for some time and finally, Audi have released a software update for MY17/18 S3's... so just a heads up that if you are having issues with jerky changes or judder from pulling away, this update should fix it. I'll get the update...
  9. Mark_86

    Facelift S3 Steering?

    Hi all, Quick question, and this could be me going nuts. I had my steering rack replaced last year and it's never felt quite right since. It's straight and true etc... However, on the motorway, I get a really heavy 'zone' on initial turn of the wheel when keeping it in lane, like a resistance...
  10. Mark_86

    S3 Video Review

    For those who are thinking of buying an S3...
  11. Mark_86

    Facelift iPhone X, CarPlay, Parking Sensors and Charging Cradle! Grrr...

    Hi all. Wondering if anyone else has any issues or can offer a suggestion here. Got a new iPhone X which has wireless charging, but when I have it in the wireless charging cradle under the armrest with the lead plugged in so I can use Apple CarPlay, after about 1-2 minutes, it stops CarPlay...
  12. Mark_86

    The £250k Car Game

    I recent thread has prompted me to make this little game, which I'm sure we all play in our head often... You have £250,000 (or whatever that works out in your currency for non UK friends) to spend on vehicles. They can be used or new and need to serve your everyday, track, long distance etc...
  13. Mark_86

    Love this weather with the S3 and Conti's...

    Just a random post. I've recently swapped out the front Continentals for some Michelin PS4-S... massive difference as the Conti's are rubbish imo - poor wet weather grip and couldn't wait to get rid of them. Anyway, I have discovered that the S3 has a playful side because the rear is still shod...
  14. Mark_86

    Facelift Small things you notice that don't seem right...

    Bit of an odd thread, but I've noticed some small things which I'm not sure are right, but might also be normal and could be my imagination. Firstly, on the motorway I've noticed the S3 has a tendency to fidget, requiring lots of very small corrections to keep it online. It could be the fat...
  15. Mark_86

    Facelift Wind Noise?

    Hi all. Just wondered if anyone has a lot of wind noise when driving on the motorway from around the drivers window? Just seems like I can hear it more than I probably should, I could be being paranoid and B&O quickly cancels it out. Just curious really.
  16. Mark_86

    Facelift Clicking sound at low speeds?

    Hi guys, Was parking yesterday in a multi story and at slow speeds, when manoeuvring, I could here a clicking sound coming from the car. Seemed to be throttle related and I suspect, coming from the driveshafts as it was very reminiscent of the sound I had on my ST before they failed. I could...
  17. Mark_86

    Facelift Beeping sound after turning off?

    For some odd reason that I haven't figured out, when I turn my car off, I sometimes get a beeping sound. It's quiet, sounds like it's coming from the engine bay... anyone else have this or know what it is? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Mark_86

    Facelift Black Audi Rings?

    Hi all, Anyone know where I can get some good quality black gloss Audi rings (logo) for the front and rear? @christoph7r haven't you got some? Thanks - Mark
  19. Mark_86

    Not a good day :(

    So, today has been annoying for the S3. Last night, got a warning flag up to say the right rear tyre had a loss of pressure (Great! I thought...). Stopped and had a look and there was a nail in the wheel. Unfortunately, I had work on Saturday (today) so wasn't able to take it to a tyre shop...
  20. Mark_86

    Facelift S3 S-Tronic Question

    Hi guys, So, had the S3 for a few months now and have a quick question that might be a concern. The S-Tronic sometimes feels a bit 'clunky' when pulling away - it's the initial launch, when driving normally away from a junction or something and sometimes I just get a second 'jolt'. First of...