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    Brake pedal sinking under heavy push

    If you have seen any of my recent posts you'll know I recently changed 2 rear callipers and flexi hoses as I had one seize on me. Ever since I did this job I noticed that If I am stationary, and push my brake pedal hard as I can, and hold it down under constant pressure (with engine running, so...
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    New drivers door lock mechanism fitted - won't unlock with key

    Don't see any posts matching these exact symptoms so here goes - I fitted a new drivers door lock mechanism to my 2007 allroad - but now when using the key (the actual key slotted in the key hole, and not the wireless keyfob function), no matter which way I turn the key (CW or CCW) the doors...
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    New rear callipers trouble bleeding

    Just fitted new rear callipers and flexi hoses on my allroad 2007 3.0. I have bled the entire system and no air coming out at all now, but when I push the pedal with the engine running (so brake servo assisting) the pedal is not solid. It appears solid at first but slowly sinks under consistent...
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    Don't trust eurocarparts - I learned my lesson!

    I picked up two rear brake hoses from eurocarparts (ECP), entering my reg plate as instructed, and there was only one choice for rear brake hose - so I thought, it has to be the right one right? Wrong! I also picked up two new rear callipers from a different supplier, and noticed that the...
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    Rear calliper retaining pins - different lengths - which goes where?

    I ordered new callipers and carriers/pins which all came disassembled. I see the pins are different lengths, Anyone any idea which goes on top?
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    Brake hose clips for rear A6 C6 Allroad

    Anyone know what clip is required for attaching the top of the hose to the hole in the body? Surprised to find the new hoses didn't come with the clip :( Cheers, Paul
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    Broken plug off rear shocker

    I wonder if anyone knows which way the wires go into the black 2 pin plug off a 2007 allroad rear left shocker? I ordered a new plug but at £16 with delivery I don't want to take the 50/50 guess at which way round the two wires go. The two wires are brown and black. Wondering which goes to the...
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    Windscreen Washers died

    Any idea which fuse and if any relay for widscreen washer pump on A6 C6 Allroad 3.0 TDI? No washer motor operation when I pull the stick, but headlight washers working OK. Cheers, Paul