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  1. mercules

    Do I? Don't I?

    Looking for some advice or opinions guys. I'm at 107k miles now B8.5 should I Change supercharger oil Change thermostat Change water pump Change PVC? Pretty ok doing 1ltr every 2-3k miles (stage2 - 5w40) I'll probably do a rebuild kit I found rather than whole assembly. I don't really want...
  2. mercules

    Pad thread

    Guys I picked up some Q5/A6 4 pot brembos really cheap off eBay Germany. Now I'm planning to go Bedford for a extremely light track day in next couple months. I'm not really a heavy brake user and prefer to brake lighter early an carry my speed through the corner than brake hard and late and I...
  3. mercules

    S4 b8.5 owners value discussion

    The S4/S5 b8.5 have and are dropping quite hard. I bought mine for £22,900 from Audi 18 months ago with nearly all the desirable options. I've spent about 5k on mods not including labour and also spent 1k on maintenance not in the book lifetime gearbox oil not the mech one, diff oils and cats...
  4. mercules

    Springs install with damper control

    Just thought I'd ask on here. Does anyone have a S4 with damper control and successfully had Eibach or alternate aftermarket springs installed? I've had a garage say that it needs to be disconnected to change the springs and as it's very sensitive and they would rather not touch it. I've had...
  5. mercules

    Another anti roll bar question

    Couldn't find anything for my exact question so hopefully someone has done this and can shed some light. I have a S4 with sports diff and the rear ARB is 16mm from what I've read. I want to get a uprated one but they come in twos and I already got a H&R front on a good price off a member from...
  6. mercules

    Cat code P0420

    Morning chaps, Had my sports diff serviced yesterday on my S4 and the garage flagged up a fault logged for efficiency below threshold bank 1 P0420 which happened on 1st of April. I never saw any cels and it apparently happened when I was traveling at 80mph. Now I've searched but can only see...
  7. mercules

    S4 intercooler performance difference

    Hi all, So to cut my story somewhat short and sweet I have a MRC stage 2 avant but do notice how different the car picks up depending on temperature. Sometimes cold mornings it will pull like a beast from 2nd and other times I do not get the hard torque boost which I can only put down to...
  8. mercules

    Gear oil and sports diff oil changes

    Hi all, I'm due a second stronic oil change on my 13 plate S4. I have tried to ask Audi to quote me for additional gear box oil change and also sports diff oil change but they won't budge on their lifetime oils nonsense from Audi UK. They only want to do the ATF an seals on the stronic. Does...
  9. mercules

    Anyone wanting to go stage 2 Soon?

    Just seeing if anyone is planning to stage 2 their s4 anytime soon as we both could benefit on discount if we go on same day. I have a stock s4 since Feb, intake from a fellow member and custom exhaust going on in the next weekish. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk