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  1. L111 FAD

    Seats - Avant into saloon......

    I've tried the search facility but no results. Anyone know if the rear Avant seats fit the saloon? I'm missing S line seats!
  2. L111 FAD

    Remap Recommendations - York

    Afternoon fellas. My 2012 2.0TDi is in need of an upgrade in the MPG department - could it have been affected by the emissions scandal and been back to Audi for the dreaded remap? I've had remaps to my previous A4's. I bought the first A4 with one that was bl**dy awful, swiped, and a Revo...
  3. L111 FAD


    Hello, I have recently bought another A6, it's a 2011 2.0 TDi SE saloon with 93k miles. My previous A6 was a 2013 2.0 TDi S line Black Edition Avant and I really regretted selling it in 2018 so it's taken a while but this was an absolute steal and I just had to have this one. Apologies from the...