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  1. Tom5190

    Reyland - 2-piece 362mm Rotors

    Quick question for all with a 2-piece 362mm setup. I've got the Vagbremtechnik/AP 2-piece kit on my S3, the discs are shot now so I'm looking to replace. Reyland make a rotor to replace the AP ones, they are significantly cheaper. I've spoken to Reyland who have told me that the downsides to...
  2. Tom5190

    Le Mans 24Hr 2016

    Did any body else attend? Here's a few shots I managed to get: DSC08820 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC08767 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC08760 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC08708 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC08024 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC07696 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC08500...
  3. Tom5190

    Nurburgring trip - July 1st - 4th

    A few of us will be booking up for this as soon as payday comes around. Thought I'd throw it out on the forum as well if there is anybody who fancies tagging along. Ill be travelling on an overnight ferry from Newcastle on the Thursday. Accomodation is priced @ £400 for 5 people for 3 nights...
  4. Tom5190

    Baffled Sumps & Oil Coolers

    Engine - 2.0 TFSI What are people using in terms of baffled sumps? Were from? Anyone just made there own? Also what are you using in terms of oil coolers & were have you put it?
  5. Tom5190

    KW V1.... WTF?

    Has anybody else got these fitted? On the rear the top cup has no fixing, meaning trying to adjust the rear height is impossible without dropping the spring arm, surely this isn't right!? Its more than likely that I'm being a complete idiot.... Basically the whole mech is rotating not the...
  6. Tom5190

    Brakes - Anybody used these?

    Evening, Long story short I've managed to kill my front pads & discs this time around at the ring (OEM.) I've recently replaced the rears with genuine stuff but I'm looking to get a little more bite from the fronts. I'm hoping that most people are going to say go with standard discs &...
  7. Tom5190

    Rear ARB Question

    Is the rear ARB for 2wd & 4wd the same? Found a Whiteline rear ARB for sale (used) from a 2WD I'm hoping it fits (Mines 4WD) Cheers, Tom.
  8. Tom5190

    Comming home lights - Not working?

    Car - 2008 Audi S3 Ever since I bought my car it had the coming home lights activated, I'd never had any issues with them. Now there not working, strangely (or maybe not?) this was instantly after I had the car mapped. They worked on the morning before the map, and had stopped working after...
  9. Tom5190

    Le Mans 2014 - Photos

    I saw that a few members were going, anybody get photos? Stick them in here. Here's a few I got: DSC03368 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC03312 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC03255 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC03233 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC03140 by T.walker5190, on Flickr DSC03102 by...
  10. Tom5190

    VCDS Problems - SOLVED

    Annoying this one..... I bought VCDS with my dad, I've not got round to using it apart from resetting service light. So I asked him if he could do the following: Enable the single wipe after washers have been used However, whilst in there we tried to activate both rear fog lights also...
  11. Tom5190

    1/4 Mile times

    Any body got some times they have ran and were at?
  12. Tom5190

    Stickers - Were do i get them?

    Not too sure what section this belongs in but...... Basically I need all of the stickers in the below photo. I've had a look around and I can find a few of them on various sites. Does anybody have any recommended place to get vinyls/stickers like this from? Cheers, Tom.
  13. Tom5190

    Audi S3 - What Oil?

    What oil are you using? I've ran some OEM spec platinum from when I bought the car. I'm going to stick some decent stuff in now I'm at the 6 month mark almost. Any body using Millers Nanotech?
  14. Tom5190

    Clutch questions - 1.8T

    Hi, not usually over in this section. We have the following car in the family: 2004 A4 Sline 1.8T - Engine code - BFB My younger brother has just turned 17 so is going to be using it, its on its original clutch and its at around 270,000miles so I'm going to change it before he gets the car...
  15. Tom5190

    Sachs/Loba Motorsport Clutch & SMF Noise

    When I was choosing what clutch kit to buy I saw some mixed reviews on the noise of the stage 2 loba/sachs kit Some said it was ok and not too noisy some said the car sounded really loud at idle. I couldn't find any videos anywhere I searched for a while. I went for that one anyway, I've fit it...
  16. Tom5190

    Urgent!! - Sachs question

    I'm in the middle of installing an organic sachs clutch and Loba Motorsport SMF. The Sachs clutch plate has 'Gearside' stamped on it. That would suggest the gearbox side, however I've never fit a clutch this way around, it would mean that the spring mech side is facing the engine. It does fit...
  17. Tom5190

    HID help

    I imagine this has been asked before but I cannot find the answer, I've searched but only seem to find aftermarket info. My car has factory fitted HID's, one bulb is a bit more 'purple' than the other, I've seen this before and changed the bulbs and its solved the issue so I'm pretty sure its...
  18. Tom5190

    Snapped Spring

    The car is an '08 8P S3 So I woke up this morning, reversed the car out of a parking space to hear a huge clunk. I've heard that noise before I was 99% sure it was a spring, drove to my unit got the car up and sure enough I've snapped the top coil off the front N/S spring. I planned on...
  19. Tom5190

    Clutch questions

    My cars a 2008 S3 8P. My clutch has just started to slip. I've had a search and read through a few threads but some of the links to buying parts are dead now. Few questions are: Were should I be looking for the Sachs performance clutch? Sachs themselves state 605Euro. LUK/Valeo OEM spec...
  20. Tom5190

    Tom5190's Dolphin S3 8P

    Hi, I bought this S3 at the beginning of the week. It was far from immaculate so I put it in my unit straight away and got to work on it. Today I finished and put it on the road. There's no before photos but it was pretty neglected in its previous ownership. I've got a list of things that need...