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  1. Diesel Quattro

    A3 help parts where to buy??? and other things

    Hi all, Had my Tdi Quattro for a few years now and need to et some bits sorted. I have looked and cannot find a Lower front bumper with the spot light holes, any ideas? my passenger window has a mind of its own (regulator i think) and if so best thing to do?? Best place to get new rubbers...
  2. Diesel Quattro

    A3 xenon question

    Hi all. Apologies for asking as I am sure its been asked. I want to make my A3 headlights into xenon. Can I get an S3 xenon ballast and add to mine? Or do I need the complete headlight? Or fit the full S3 headlight but with wing size different from an A3 will this matter? Any help much...
  3. Diesel Quattro

    wheel fitment

    hi, i am sure this is somewhere on the forum but i cant find anything. i was looking at these Azev A Alloy Wheels | eBay and they are alfa fitment (5x98) i am guessing and unsure what i need to make the fir my 8l a3 any help would be appreciated thanks
  4. Diesel Quattro

    Wheel fitment help needed please

    Hi all, been looking at AZev A's for some time and found a set, they are 5x112 (adapters will be fine for the 5x100) but they are 10j and ET 14. will thei be a problem on my 8L a3 tdi quattro?? ill have to get adapters for he stud fitment, but will the width be too much (no jokes needed) and...
  5. Diesel Quattro

    Damp/Leak into Drivers footwell, Help Needed!!!!

    Help Needed please, my footwell is adamo and its not from wet feet going in and out. i am not sure where to start?? any common problems people know of?? would something as simple as the vin number plastic breaking, would the water go down there i.e. have a path to get to the footwell...
  6. Diesel Quattro

    Dampness in driver footwell

    Please help guys, I have a dampness in the drivers footwell in the middle, no idea where to start looking and hoping common thing?. Any help would be greAtly appreciated Aaron - 2001 a3 tdi qQuattro
  7. Diesel Quattro

    possibly dirt in tank, won't start, help needed please

    help needed please guys. diesel light came on but wasn't that low. put €50 in, started fine, then within 2miles, battery light came on and it stopped. wants to turn, but struggling. think possibly dirt from tank. tried it a few times. have left it overnight, any advice before i re start it i.e...
  8. Diesel Quattro

    Azev A Wheels

    hi guys. need advice. in the process of sorting out my a3, bodywork and wheels. loving the look of the azev a wheels The wheels are 5x100stud pattern 57.1 centre bore and et40 will these look ****?? i love these...
  9. Diesel Quattro

    5x98 to 5x100 fitment and hub adapters

    hey folks. i have heard of wobbly bolts and i am unsure of what exactly these are and how safe. alkways been weary if hub adapters i.e. 5x100 n50 5x130 etc. has anyone got exprerience of using them and if so any advice?? i have seen some wheels that are difficult to get in 5x100 fitment and...
  10. Diesel Quattro

    Xenon Conversion/upgrade

    Hi all, tried the serach and couldnt find what i was after although most likely been brought up before. I want to upgrade my one piece headlights so i have xenon vision. am i better off buying headlights from an S3, the ballasts from a set of xenon lights and fixing to mine (if that simple??)...
  11. Diesel Quattro

    alarm going off no matter what!!!

    Hey guys, have a 01 a3 tdu quattro and when i locked the door it used to "beep" so i knew it had locked and never had ay trouble in the 3 years i have had it. now for the last couple of days it will not "beep" and will go off all the time when i lock the car!!! i was thinking of disconnecting...
  12. Diesel Quattro

    Wheel fitment helped needed please

    hi guys, tried looking through the past posts and couldnt find anything directly for me although learnt a few things. i have a 2001 a3 with TT comps and looking at some oz wheels that are 17x 8.5j et20 (i think) 5x112 66.6 center bore i dont know whether spigot rings will be sufficient and i...
  13. Diesel Quattro

    Not Audi, but VW advert, seems very wrong

    hi guys, i love audi's, but love the mk2 golf, was looking at this and couldnt beleive (doubt i am wrong) but this guy seems to have made a boo boo of big proportions thinking the car is an A reg mk2 golf @ 29years old, cant be right?? check it 1983 VW VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI VR6 CONVERSION OAK...
  14. Diesel Quattro

    S3 Door Blade Fitting

    Hi guys, hopefully get a progress thread started tommorrow. i am looking at putting s3 door blades on my a3 tdi quattro 8L the ones i am looking at are 2nd hand, do i need anything to put them on? are they just poppers like 205/309s kinda thing?? also, what kind of price are they new and 2nd...
  15. Diesel Quattro

    Diesel Conversion for A3 8P

    Hi guys, this has probably come up somewhere at some point. Ive read about people putting a diesel engine in the MK1 TT, but what about a diesel engine into a 3.2 quattro 8P??? I have been looking at it because the 3.2 nearly always has a good spec. has anyone done this, heard of it being done...
  16. Diesel Quattro

    Heated Seats replacing non Heated Seats

    Hi guys, quick question. I have non heated seats and want to put in heated seats. Is this possiblt?? I understand there will be Wiring needed (are they there though but just need connecting?) Ill need switches for the dash any help very much appreciated aaron
  17. Diesel Quattro

    Suspension advice

    Howya guys, most people seem to have changed/uprated their suspension so you'll be honest and best views. I have 17inch tt comps and want to lower it (maybe 30mm) i want to keep comfort but also lower it while being able to carry passengers so is there any chance of rubbing the arches? are...
  18. Diesel Quattro

    Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

    Hey, looking at getting my TT Comps done, id like them as polished as possible without having them vulnerable to corrosion etc. im in the Rep of Ireland at the moment ad ive been looking at this company Alloy Wheel Refurbishment | Alloy Wheel Refurbishment When i rang they seemed to have good...
  19. Diesel Quattro

    HID/Xenon Headlight help needed please

    Hi guys, i have a 2001 tdi quattro facelift (1 piece headlights) and i am looking at making them xenon. would this be possible from taking the ballast units and xenon bulbs from xenon headlights?? (from an S3 8L) help would be much appreciated aaron