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  1. Y3NRY

    19" bentleys on with 215/35

    just got round to putting my 19" bentley BBS split rims on, got them on and im in love! was just wondering what pressures i should be running front and back, ive got 215/35 stretched on anybody else with this setup?
  2. Y3NRY

    R32 brake upgrade on a 1.9tdi - issues

    Hi guys, Collected my R32 setup at the weekend, all in very good condition having covered low mileage. Ive got a major problem though as i have over looked the fact that i only have 280mm discs on the front which means that my hubs have the carriers cast into them. To be able to fit my 345mm...
  3. Y3NRY

    A3 TDI - R32 brake setup

    Hi all, Just invested in a full R32 brake setup to fit to my a3, picking it up this weekend :jump:. I was wondering if anyone could give me a sensible figure on how much i should be looking at for fitting? I was going to look at it myself but I have never attempted such a thing! Cheers
  4. Y3NRY

    Re FBS

    Greetings all, Ive found a Flat bottom TT steering wheel for a good price, first of all i was wondering... will it definately fit? secondly its lacking its airbag, was wondering if anyone new how much they are from audi (NO DOUBT SOME OUTRAGEOUS PRICE!) or how much they go for on ebay...
  5. Y3NRY

    08 TT seats in 08 a3

    Hi guys was just wondering if anyone knows if 2008 TT seats will fit in my 2008 a3?, ive come round to tackling my interior and im exploring my options. Recaros would be ideal but they are mega bucks! :( thanks