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  1. Antthony

    Track day at Fuji Speedway with AUDI Sport team Hitotsuyama & exhibition race :)

    Was invited to take part in a Audi only exhibition race at the Fuji Speedway round of the Blancpain series. Was my first time on this track and as it was over 40 degrees ambient and the trak was covered in an insane amount of **** I took it pretty easy but still won my class lol...
  2. Antthony

    Track day at Fuji Speedway with AUDI Sport team Hitotsuyama.

    Was invited by Audi sport to take part in an all Audi exhibition race at the Blancpain GT series meeting at Fuji Speedway the other week. Where do I start? Well the day was 40 ****** degrees c and 80% humidity so I was worried about the engine temps and brakes. But, they were fine. I removed...
  3. Antthony

    Garage using car for personal trips? Wrong or what???

    No need to road test the car so not on at all.
  4. Antthony

    A day with AUDI SPORT Race Teams at Fuji Speedway

    I was fortunate enough to have been invited to be in the pits at a round of the Japan 'Super car series' at Fuji International Speedway. Here's a video of the cars and pit area as well as some of the action :)
  5. Antthony

    Carbon fiber brake cooling modification

    That's a surprising improvement for such a small scoop, well done!
  6. Antthony

    Hi, new member. New to AUDI.

    Thanks for the nice welcome guys :) Thanks. Yes well I wasn't born here so I guess that makes me an expat :) First came here in 1992, here permanently since 2008 for a total of about 13 years.
  7. Antthony

    Hi, new member. New to AUDI.

    Hi guys. I live in Japan and am the proud owner of a 2005 3.2 Quattro TT SLine. Very fortunate to get a very low klms one and will do my best to keep it as mint as possible while also enjoying regular track days :) Mods so far are an A3 SLine front splitter, updated rear lights, and some...
  8. Antthony

    2005 TT 3.2 Quattro S Line

    2005 TT 3.2 Quattro S Line