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  1. IrishDave

    Clutch Pedal Broke

    Driving along yesterday. Went to change gear and pedal broke, bits of plastic on the floor and the pedal also stuck to the floor. I know this is a fault and happens occasionally, but is it a sign of other problems such as worn out clutch or dmf. Thanks and a Happy New Year to you.
  2. IrishDave

    Reducing downpipe I.D

    Thinking of reducing my down pipe from 3" to 2.5" where it passes the propshaft, using something like this...
  3. IrishDave

    Part Number Needed

    Realised the other day when attempting to change the gasket between the turbo and mani that the support bracket is not there anymore(thanks to the ****** that fitted the mani). So I need the part number for the turbo support bracket
  4. IrishDave

    Turbo Bolts

    Went to change the gasket yesterday between the turbo and manifold, only to find that the plonker who installed the manifold managed to cross thread one of the bolts. Is it possible to get a new dowell/insert that the bolt screws into. Where would I get one? Is it a part I can get from Audi or...
  5. IrishDave

    Finally. Mapping on Friday

    So after all the mishaps, the car is ready to go and is booked in for Friday. Can't wait to have it all finally sorted.
  6. IrishDave

    Irish Members North & South

    Encase you don't already know we now have our own forum group and events section. Group: Groups - Events section: Ireland/Northern Ireland If you could take a minute check out the section and join the members list so local events/meets can be organised would be much appreciated...
  7. IrishDave

    Makes me LOL everytime

    Haven't been able to find this video for ages. But found it tonight and thought I would share it with you all. Has me in stitches every time I watch it. 2 pikey kids, a football and a cyclist. Holey moley crazy dude on a bike - Video Dailymotion Enjoy. Forgot to add do not watch this in work...
  8. IrishDave

    Devils Own Kit

    Is everything needed to fit the baisic kit included. Reason I ask is my car is in currently getting it fitted and the mechanic is saying that it is missing parts. Mainly he is saying there is no where for the kit to read positive pressure and that he is going to have to buy extra bits to get it...
  9. IrishDave

    Switchable maps

    How does this work on our cars using the standard ecu (BAM code) and who offers it during mapping.
  10. IrishDave

    RNSE Double Din

    Quick question. A friend of a friend is selling an rsne from a 2001-2007 a4. Is it a direct fit for our cars. Thanks.
  11. IrishDave

    B5 Exhaust Manifold. Post your results.

    So a lot of these have been sold recently. As mine is currently being fitted and haven't seen anyone posting results, I thought I would start a thread where people can do so.
  12. IrishDave

    Car sounds like a tracktor on cold start.

    As per the title, does anyone know what is causing this. Car is BAM S3. There are no exhaust leaks and the car quietens down once warm. Sounds awful, the car also runs like **** when cold.
  13. IrishDave

    Dog bone mount bushes.

    I know this has been covered to death but maybe someone can give a definitive answer with their experience. I am looking for bushes(currently powerflex red,standard front), that will be better than the red but not give anymore vibration/noise in the cabin. The options so far are: 1...
  14. IrishDave


    Well after months of waiting, the car is finally going in to be mapped tomorrow. Can't wait.......
  15. IrishDave

    How is this done

    In this video you willl see on the DIS that it is showing boost pressure. How do you do this? S3 8l 2l mit K04-64 - YouTube
  16. IrishDave

    Irish Mappers

    To all the Irish owners on the forum. Where do you go to get your car mapped. I was hoping to get it done by Joe but at the moment due to circumstances out of his control he is unable to do it. Is there anyone else you would trust to map your car. I might even consider crossing the pond to...
  17. IrishDave

    Suspension Bush part numbers

    Ok so my next plan is to replace the suspension. I have ordered koni shocks, h&r springs, a set of s3dave's tie bars & new lcr front top mounts and bearings. What I want to do now is replace every other rubber bush on both the front and rear of the car. I know its a bit of an ask, but would...
  18. IrishDave

    Strange Occourance

    Ok so this has only started happening in the last week, but when I start the car in the morning the alarm siren beeps 4 times. Not as loud as the alarm going off but it still does it. Only happens first thing in the morning and wont do it again for the rest of day. Any ideas folks.
  19. IrishDave

    Koni FSD Shocks

    Who on here is using them. What do you think and what spring combo are you using.
  20. IrishDave

    Hopefully getting car mapped today

    So after a few months of taking the car apart, getting the cylinders re-bored & getting it all back together again, she should be going in for mapping this afternoon. Can't wait. Spec: Beach Buggy Hybrid 83mm 9.5:1cr CP pistons Brute rods B5 Tip Relentless V2 mani AH V2 intercooler All new...