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    S3 sqirming over road

    Been driving around recently and my car feels like its squirming over the road, cornering is a bit scary. Steering feels light and so does the backend. When I bought it it needed rear shocks which i replaced. Tyres all at good pressures. Tracking done last week. Does anyone have any ideas what...
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    Bam newbie (pcv, catch can, brakes)

    Hello, I just picked up a 2003 plate S3 (I assume this is a BAM engine) it is totally standard and I am working my way through it sorting bits and pieces. It has been a long time since I've owned a 1.8t. I done a search but couldn't really find what I was after. I'm looking to delete the PCV...
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    Hello, I own a B7 RS4 and just picked up a 2003 plate S3 to tidy up and run about daily in while I tidy up the RS4 over the rest of the year. The s3 is totally standard for the time being 117k miles on it but parts are starting to wear. I had a mk3 ibiza cupra that i put a hybrid turbo on many...