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    RS5 essentials buying help

    Just started looking for one so this is perfect. Thanks! I've only started looking properly today. Do you know of any reliability issues I should look out for?
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    Bought a FBMFSW and airbag

    Also the guy I bought it from had it fitted to his A4 B7 and assured me it will fit using my current loom?
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    Bought a FBMFSW and airbag

    Just realised the connector is there anyway of fixing this? The airbag is from an Audi A5 I believe 8R0880201N Thanks
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    Will 19x8.5 with ET50 fit on the B7?

    Cheers for the help, guys
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    Will 19x8.5 with ET50 fit on the B7?

    I've seen some wheels I like but they're ET50 on 235/35/19 tyres. My car is lowered on H&R 35mm springs. I'm sure the tyre size is fine but I'm terrible with offsets. Will I need spacers? Cheers guys
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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Anybody know where to get the CSR sideskirts in the UK?
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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Cheers for the pics both. I ordered it on Saturday and it came today. Now trying to decide on what finish to go for. Satin black, phantom black as my car or a good quality 4D carbon fibre wrap. How difficult was the fitting procedure?
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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    hi mate is that front spoiler fitted properly in that pic? I've seen it on eBay and looked good but from your side profile shot it looks as though it's not level with the bottom of the front bumper? Any more pics since you fitted it?
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    replacement exhaust tips, anyone else tried these.

    I have 3.5 inch exits on mine, one on each side and personally think 4 would be a little too big. Each to their own though obviously lol
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    Hi mate, best person to speak to for pricing would be trumps. I had a fair few things done...

    Hi mate, best person to speak to for pricing would be trumps. I had a fair few things done including other bulbs so I'm not sure how much it was just for the xenon conversion cheers
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    t8ups Xenon conversion done!

    Agreed, loving the clean light without blinding anybody full beams are brilliant too as you get the xenon full beam as well as the original full beam alongside it highly recommend it to anybody thinking about
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    Recommend me some nice exhaust tips guys...

    Here's my special edition with 3.5 inch each side
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    Offers Section

    If anybody is interested in getting this done, here's my B7 after t8ups got his hands on it this morning
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    t8ups Xenon conversion done!

    So I popped over to see T8ups this morning for my halogen to xenon conversion. I had the standard halogens before, don't think we need before pictures of that! Some after shots below. I opted for the matt black internals too, painted by T8ups in advance as i booked in with him over a week ago...
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    Car was attacked...

    They look good, can't wait to have these done too next week!
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    My New A5 'Special Edition' in Velvet Purple!!

    I see your car every day I believe. Black Audi A4 parked just a few spaces away from you? It looks stunning.
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    20" Wheels Fitted.

    No problem. Would really appreciate it if you could manage it though. I'd love to do it but know nothing about wiring etc
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    Time To Say Goodbye

    Gutted to see you go mate, loved seeing your B7 around. Good luck with the B8, which one have you gone for? Probably see you over there soon haha
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    quick question re Xenon ballasts

    I was looking at some xenons on eBay without the ballasts etc so wasn't sure on which way to progress but I didn't win the auction anyway. But I'll remember the next time I come across any!
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    20" Wheels Fitted.

    Looks really good. Especially like the touch with the camera. Any chance you could do a write up when you do the drivers side mirror please? Cheers!