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    Dent repair on rear bumper

    Gents, I had a misfortune today. Manage to hit a ****** tiny pole when parking into a curved space for air pressure at a filling station. The sensor didn't detect it for some reason. I was wondering if anyone knows whether this can be repaired at home by using things or does it need a...
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    Audi extended warranty - worth it or not?

    So I have A6 2.0 Tdi ultra 2017 with 23k miles on it. Three year warranty is coming to an end and got an email from audi for extended warranty. The quote is £300 with £250 excess for full cover and £250 with £250 excess for named component cover. Having read the policy documents with all the...
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    A6 2.0 this ultra oil change and extended warranty.

    Hello all, I thought I would ask here. How much does it cost to get the oil changed at the dealer generally as a notice came up on the dash to say it needs oil change and inspection. Also, does anyone know how much does it cost to buy an extended warranty? My original warranty will be up...