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    To Break or Not to Break....

    Just wondering what the demand for parts is like out there these days? I'm considering breaking and wondered if anyone could give me any do's/dont's/tips. I haven't made my mind up yet and want to make an informed decision as to the challenge and potential reward. Cheers folks
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    Name that part

    as above, please could someone tell me what this connector is, where it should go, and why my car works fine without it. It is right at the bottom of the front of the engine bay towards the driver side front wheel and seemed to have been deliberately wrapped around another hose to keep it away...
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    Help please!

    hi, I changed my oil this weekend but couldn't get the filter off. After deliberating what to do overnight I decided to just put fresh oil in and get the filter removal tool and start over next weekend. Anyway, I just put the oil in, tried to start the car and it won't start. The ignition...
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    Brake kit query

    Are these any good? Seems a decent price
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    Insurance dilemma

    A couple of weeks ago some plonker decided to switch lanes as I was turning left and poked his front left all down my right side. It was at v low speed in busy traffic and was just a scraping down my right side. Luckily he admitted fault and 2 weeks later his insurer's repair co. have assessed...
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    Boost gauge fitting 2002 BAM

    Hi, apologies for the new thread but I've searched all over and all other threads seem to be either left hand drive or different engines and I can't quite get the answer I need. If I can get this done I will make a full guide with pictures. S3 8L 2002 BAM N249 by pass done this morning My...
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    Boost Issues Sorted. Next suspensio

    firstly, a massive THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who helped me out recently with my boost issues. After chasing various error codes around my engine bay I've now completely re-hosed my engine bay with silicon hoses, fitted a new Forge DV (green spring), removed the broken cone filter from the...
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    Boost Issues. Help please

    Last week I changed the breather hoses on my 2002 s3 BAM for the 034 Motorsport silicone kit and put in an OEM air box and new filter to replace an old broken cone filter from a previous owner. I had been having boost issues which worsened to the point I could hear the dump valve working but had...