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    Audi A5 3.0 TDI QUATTRO - Some upgrade advice please guys!

    Hi everyone I have been wanting to make this car my own since I bought it a few months ago. I just wanted to see if anyone else has made the same upgrades I'm thinking of and if they have any advice or experience good or bad. first of all I would like to get a stage one map - my car is...
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    AUDI A5 3.0 diesel Quattro - Mod advice

    Hey everyone. Looking at making a few changes / upgrades to my car was wondering if you had any advice or personal experience that could steer me in the right direction. Looking on a remap - I feel the car is wonderful to drive at its current state of 242bhp but I sometimes wish it felt a...
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    Cabin rattle while playing music

    Hi guys ive noticed ive had A lot of cabin rattle when I play my music I do blast it but think the cabin should be able to handle the b&o speakers. I was wondering if there was a quick fix or any way I could tighten it all up? Also has anyone upgraded there sound system and what would they...
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    Hi everyone - PCP help please

    I'm looking at a PCP deal for an 2013 3.0 Quattro Audi A5 Black edition 242 BHP. Black 54k miles the car is just under £22,000 I'm paying a deposit of 2k Monthly payments are about £390 over 47 months which is a total of £18,330 + 2k deposit I was told my final guaranteed future value of...
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    Audi Finance and the right Audi probs :(

    This is a bit of a mad one. I recently financed an White Audi A5 Black edition 62 REG back in June 2015, I was originally after an Audi A4 Black edition but got talked in to the A5. The A5 was a manual. I had a MK5 GOLF GTI DSG 230BHP before this and the drive in the A5 after a week of being...
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    Audi A4 tint nightmare

    hi guys and gals Had my A4 tinted by a guy recommended and it's been an awful experience He's fixed the side windows now but my rear just seems to bubble up and it looks really bad the guys a joke and I don't want to go back to him he's had 2 tries at fixing it. Just wondering if anyone's...
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    Build threads

    Hi Guys where can I post a build thread and where is everyone else's? I'd love to have a look through what your all up to with your own Audi's Making a few mods to my car today (only visual) and I would like to throw some pics up and start a thread of my own. Thanks D
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    Tail light tints - need some advice please

    Hey everyone my first thread so be nice! Ive recently bought an Audi A4 black edition and I want to make some minor mods to the look of the car Remove badges on the back tint the windows tint the tail lights I removed the badges today looks so much better nice and tidy. Im looking for rear...
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    Audi noob

    Hi everyone glad to be on the fourm! I have just bought a Audi A4 scuba blue black edition 177ps. So wanted to join the forum so I could get best advice and share all of my experience with everything Audi! Take it easy! Dan