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  1. Rockall

    That d**n gearbox

    2:48 in this video for how to change gear at slow speeds with the Lamborghini (Audi) gearbox. The RS3’s gearbox is its only weakness - instant, snappy shifts at high revs but a lazy lurch, accompanied by a long bellow like a cow giving birth, around town. Following Mr JWW’s advice, I now pull...
  2. Rockall

    Drive Select on Start Up

    Simples from a US video. Why doesn't the Dealer just tell you this on collection and avoid a lot of head scratching.
  3. Rockall

    Mr JWW’s ABT Upgrade

    310 PS and -30mm ABT springs but no clutch upgrade.
  4. Rockall

    S1 in its natural habitat

  5. Rockall

    Mr JWW's S1

  6. Rockall

    When is Super Unleaded not Super Unleaded?

    On a remote Scottish island, where we've never had anything other than 95 Octane fuel, one of our local Fuel Stations announced that they were to start stocking 98 Octane Super Unleaded. Great, I thought, and started using the new fuel in my S1. After a couple of months, I started to notice a...
  7. Rockall

    S1 Review Video

    Nice S1 review by TR Hamza. Having owned an S1 for a year now, I can identify with a lot of what he says.
  8. Rockall

    Forge Induction Kit

    Any thoughts on this new product from Forge?
  9. Rockall

    Super Unleaded (97 RON)

    Anyone had issues running Super Unleaded (97 RON) in their stock S1? I'm noticing a slight misfire under heavy load, accelerating hard uphill in 5th or 6th. I fear the plugs and / or coil pack(s) are done for, possibly caused by the type of fuel used. I use the same Super Unleaded in the wife's...
  10. Rockall

    Nice video, Scottie!

  11. Rockall

    Sat Nav Question

    When you set a destination with stopovers on the SD card Sat Nav system the side screen shows distance and arrival time at each stopover in turn. Is distance and arrival time at final destination shown anywhere? Can't find it.
  12. Rockall

    That's what you call a puncture!

  13. Rockall

    Engine spec

    Help! I'm being roasted on a Detailing Forum for saying that the S1 engine is a detuned version of the Golf R engine. I always thought that the Golf GTi, Golf R and S1 shared the same VW E288 2.0 TFSi engine and that the Golf R differed from the S1 only in a modified cylinder head, valves, valve...
  14. Rockall

    MrJWW's S1 Sportback

    Go to 16:15: "It's a good manual car but it's not a manual driver's car by any means. Regardless of it being an S Quattro whatever, it's just not a performance manual car". Fair comment? I don't think so but bear in mind that this guy also owns a Ferrari F12, a Porsche GT3 RS, a McLaren 675LT...
  15. Rockall

    Induction Roar

    Huge thanks to Ian Whiffen who kept me right on some airflow mods. As advised by Ian, I've just changed the stock Air Filter, which resembles a loaf of bread, with a Pipercross item. The plastic, corrugated Air Intake (Turbo) pipe was also swapped out for an MK Performance, reinforced silicone...
  16. Rockall

    Help! Rattle.

    I'm getting a rattle for 20 minutes after cold start at exactly 900rpm. Rattle goes if you raise revs very slightly or they drop slightly under load from heating fan etc. Seems to be coming from driver's footwell / bulkhead. Listen to video. Unfortunately, my Dealer is 400 miles away over land...
  17. Rockall


    Envious of the RS logo on the rear spoiler endplates of the Focus RS, I got my own Vegas Yellow Quattro Gekko decal made up ....
  18. Rockall

    S1 Brake Squeak

    Afflicted with the dreaded Brake Squeak - a loud squeal when manoeuvring around car parks etc and very embarrassing. I've applied some of this stuff - Mintex Ceratec, a non metallic 'permanent' lubricant - to the brake pad backs, sliders, pad housing etc. All quiet at the moment and I'll let...
  19. Rockall

    Detailing my S1

    Busy this week detailing my Vegas Yellow S1 Sportback with Quattro packs. All done by hand and takes about three days start to finish. To start, the car is hosed then shampoo washed with an Autoglym mitten and a false bottom bucket to allow grit etc to harmlessly sink to the bottom. Before now...
  20. Rockall


    Detailing day today (or tbh this week). I just love this car!