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  1. Ob1_c

    Standard Speaker to Replace Bose Speaker?

    Thanks muchly. I found similar but more expensive so you’ve very much helped and appreciate your note back. Why these didn’t come up in ( what I thought was ) an exhaustive search is perhaps the kool ebay algorithm promoting all the more pricey versions(!). I’ll let you know how I get on -...
  2. Ob1_c

    Standard Speaker to Replace Bose Speaker?

    Sorry - should have said ... I already plugged in a replacement amp in case it was the channel issue and still have same issue (so am reselling the amp) am keen to learn a bit without too much trial and error on the procurement front!
  3. Ob1_c

    Standard Speaker to Replace Bose Speaker?

    Hi and thanks very much for the notes on this thread. I have a similar problem and am more than curious if you think it could be similar or ‘there could be more to it’ for me? I have the Bose system and since I bought the car only rear and sub in the boot have worked. The tweeters are silent and...
  4. Ob1_c

    Headlight washers

    Hello, I see there are many posts and really informed user base here - great! I’m looking to source this part - 8L0955102 it’s the right hand cylinder lifter for headlight washer on an A3 8l. Ebay or some of the usual car part providers are normally good places to search - however, I’ve drawn a...