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  1. R.A.G

    S5 MPG

    Quick MPG update for anyone considering an S5. Very impressed with the improvements with MPG as the miles are slowly racking up, with 1800 miles on the clock now, I managed the following on a long (and granted boring) A road run from Herts to Felixstowe this morning. I genuinely didn't have...
  2. R.A.G

    VW's A5 Sportback

    This will look very familiar to A5/S5 Sportback owners. The VW Arteon, I can't believe how similar it looks from certain angles, the side and rear windows look like they'll have the same part number! Interestingly built on the MQB platform unlike the A5/S5 that's built on the MLB...
  3. R.A.G

    Matrix vs Standard LED design

    Just curious if there is an external difference in the design of the two, previous Audi's with Matrix where very obviously different, some with an additional visible array of diodes. I can't see much difference between the two on the B9 A5/S5?
  4. R.A.G

    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    I've been watching the thread below with interest and decided to take the plunge and give it a go! Very simple mod, start the engine, stick it in Dynamic and Sport on the gearbox, which opens both valves, turn the car off and...
  5. R.A.G

    Another Black S5 S/B New arrival!

    Afternoon Guys, I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks on the countdown to my new arrival, picked it up yesterday! I think I've been very well behaved with the spec: Mythos Black Rotor Grey Light and Vision Privacy Glass Memory Seats Folding Mirrors Flat Bottom Steering Wheel Last two...