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    Private plate "R56 BYE"

    Hiya RS6 owners. I've been mooching on private plate sites looking for something to spark my interest enough to buy. I don't see the point in one that's my initials that means nothing to anyone else. I don't own an RS6 although hope to at some point in the future. However, when mooching I...
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    6 days to go .... excited MUCH!

    You My new family member is at my dealership. She's off having some paintwork done as I managed to get the dealer to do a lot of quick mods for me as part of my deal. - paint my OEM Wheels gloss black - replace white wing mirror covers for gloss black - paint the front splitter gloss black -...
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    Impressions of ADI 2016?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to this forum and therefore new to the whole 'enthusiast' scene and had never been to such a meet before. Seeing as it was an Audi meet, supported by a magazine with Audi themselves there, at a race circuit, I had quite high hopes of what to expect. And at £10 an adult I...
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    Black Emblems & Badges, C7.5 Dimensions

    Hi all, Anyone bought black emblems / badges for their new C7.5 A6 Avant recently who can either share a link to what they bought or share key dimensions? As I don't have my car yet I can't go out and measure myself. Thanks in advance.
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    Orange Wheels Go-to-dealer?

    Just wondering if those of you who used Orange Wheels would mind posting which dealer they put you in contact with? The a few peeps that have placed orders through Crawley dealer but they have no allocation for popular models. I'm just wondering if there's something fishy going on whereby...
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    TDI Tuning box - CRDT2 or CRDT4?

    Hi, In anticipation of getting my new A6 3.0 TDi 272ps Quattro S-Tronic next month I had an on-line chat with some peeps from TDI Tuning about a box. Basically it sounds like I have two options ... CRDT2 Single Channel @ £300 or CRDT4 SENT Multi Channel @ £650 Both claim the same power...
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    Bored waiting, carbon wrapped remote

    So when waiting for your new car time goes so slowly. Got so many great mod ideas from you guys that I'm just itching to do something. So being bored I thought I'd try my hand at wrapping in anticipation that it might be a skill worth building. Bought some cheap 4D carbon fibre wrap from flebay...
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    Heard of STANCE or VEEMAN alloys?

    Hiya, Been looking around for some new alloys for my yet to be built A6 Avant. Found some I like the look of at a reasonable price but I've never heard of the make. Oddly the same looking wheel appears to come under two different makes. They are: 20" STANCE SC7 20" VEEMAN VM2 Seems to be...
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    Any company part ex OEM alloys?

    So ... waiting for my new A6 to arrive and want black alloys. My dealer has quoted me £86 per wheel which works out at £344 and is actually cheaper than my local places (Swindon). The 20" 5 arm OEM alloys my A6 comes with appear to be worth around £500. So that's essentially £850 for black...
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    Mapping options for a spanking new car?

    Hi all, Reading all your threads has got me uber excited about getting my new car and tweaking it to look unique and as I'd like it. However, there are of course numerous performance related tweaks and often top of the list is a remap. As stated before I'm a newbie to modding and am...
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    Like a pregnancy tracking app ... only better!!

    Just had an email through from Audi confirming my order and a link to their 'my Audi' site where I can track the progress and build of my car. I think that's pretty awesome. Makes the wait a little more bearable. It just reminded me of one of those pregnancy apps the Mrs had to track the...
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    Ibis White & Black Wheels - Options n Opinions Please

    Hi all, So I've got a new A6 Ibis White Black Edition 3.0ltr S-Tronic Quattro on order due October. I'm after your collective opinions, advice and input in relation to wheels. So the standard 20" titanium rims as standard are lovely as is but I'm toying with the idea of a black gloss set...
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    Last factory Black Edition until next year

    Hi all, New to ASN and to modding but having read a few threads and blogs I know I'm in the right place and can't wait to get my hands on my new A6 ... when it arrives late October. So I placed my order for my Ibis White 3.0 Quattro S-Tronic Black Edition with Swindon Audi two weeks ago. Only...