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  1. Nickl

    Cam or Alternator Belt gone?

    I've just gone to reverse into the garage and as I started to reverse the car made a horrible screeching noise, DIS said turn off engine, low oil pressure. Immediately turned the engine off, opened the bonnet to what looks like the alternator belt has completely shredded… engine bay was roasting...
  2. Nickl

    '16 S3 - Battery issue ideas

    Currently sat on the side of a roundabout waiting for the other half to rescue me, fun fun fun! Yesterday I went start my car after leaving it in the garage for a week and no joy, went and grabbed a jump starter from halfords, and the car started straight away, I left it running for 15 mins...
  3. Nickl

    Seat Ibiza - where to buy new alloy from?

    Recently cracked an alloy on our Seat Ibiza, it's on 17" 10 spoke alloys, and really struggling to find a replacement. Are we best just contacting Seat directly? Ebay has a few but all of them look like they'd need to be refurbed. Anyone ever seen an alloy crack like this before?
  4. Nickl

    S3 exhaust tip alignment

    Just been washing my car and noticed that the two right exhausts stick out a far bit more than the left two, guessing this isn't normal? Can the tips be adjusted, or moved in anyway, or will it need to goto Audi?
  5. Nickl

    40k service in South West (Bristol/Bath)

    Just wanted to check if anyone had any recommendations for audi servicing around Bristol/Bath? About to hit 40k in the S3 and judging from reviews both Bath and Bristol audi are pretty dire. After a call with their service department I can confirm they don't seem to have any idea what they're...
  6. Nickl

    Disconnect rear window screen wash pipe?

    Looking to disconnect my rear windscreen washer pipe from the engine bay, but can't seem to work out where it is! Anyone able to give me a steer? Cheers!
  7. Nickl

    Best place for remaps - south west

    Recently moved form the north west to the south west, so not entirely sure where's best? When up in the NW I mostly used awesome GTI (APR) and a couple of the revo dealers up there (Keith Edwards and ADS automotive), but it seems like they're pretty thin on the ground around here. Have heard...
  8. Nickl

    Panther black S3 sportback

    After a couple of years in a diesel a3 8v, I finally managed to cut the annual mileage down from 30k+ to 8k which has meant I've spent the last few months deliberating how I could move away from diesel and Audi. Have looked at C63s, Golf Rs, 3 series, caymans and 911s, but despite my best...
  9. Nickl

    Puddles in driver's footwell

    Whenever it's rained for the last few weeks I've had a puddle in my driver's side footwell, checked for blocked drainage holes etc but couldn't find anything, so ended up taking the car into Audi. They checked it over and were confident that it related to a windscreen replacement I had over 6...
  10. Nickl

    Duel account

    Hi, I've realised I have two accounts which makes logging in very confusing… I've asked about this in the past and the admin I spoke to banned my second account "ensnare", but this actually makes it even worse if I accidentally login with that account, as it doesn't allow me to logout. Just...
  11. Nickl

    Steering wheel scuff repair

    Recently noticed a scuff on my steering wheel, no idea how it got there… any ideas how I can go about repairing it?
  12. Nickl

    Audi Vehicle History check - "Repair"

    Anyone able to recommend what a "repair" is classed as in the vehicle history check? Seems like quite a few repairs early on, should I be worried?
  13. Nickl

    A3 8V - Service intervals

    Have been searching around the net for how often the 2.0tdi 140bhp needs to be serviced but haven't had much joy, anyone able to advise? Cheers!
  14. Nickl

    S3 - s-tronic crunch when changing modes (P,D,S,N)

    Was just driving back from work when I noticed a strange noise from my car, parked up in a lay by, put the car into Park and heard a horrible crunching noise, tried moving from Park into drive and exactly the same noise again, same goes if I move from drive to sport or park. Gear changes are...
  15. Nickl

    White smoke - Too much oil and error code 004243

    Just been driving my car and it started pluming out white smoke, apparently my partner had the oil light on last week and she filled it up with three litres of oil, have just checked the oil and there's way too much in there so i'm guessing this is the cause? I've just plugged it into VCDS and...
  16. Nickl

    My Ibis S3

    Picked her up a couple of months ago, retrofitted RNS-E straight away, finally got round to installing my EVOMs at the weekend, plans for a Milltek TBE and stage2 remap early august, can't wait! Number plates since been changed over so not too worried about blanking it out. Spec: Black optics...
  17. Nickl

    RNS-E wiring

    Just wired up my quadlock but am getting some fuzzing, anyone able to tell me if I've done it correctly? BOSE pin in B7 (is this the lighter brown wire or darker one?) C1 = Black (mic in -) C2 = Empty (RFSL) C3 = Grey (Line out FL) C4 = Black (Mic Out -) C5 = Green (Line out RL) C6 = Black (Tel...
  18. Nickl

    Speaker/indicator buzz - RNSE/SDS install

    have just installed rnse and sds hack, cars been coded for mfsw, Bose and Bluetooth and Bluetooth module has been coded but am having some issues: - when I use the indicators they now seem to make a the indicating noise through the speakers (alot louder and buzzier than usual, doesnt happen...
  19. Nickl

    Slight buzz when entering car

    Ever since i've had RNS-E fitted my speakers buzz a little when the car ignition is turned on, any ideas how to fix this? Only appears to be the speakers in the back doing it.
  20. Nickl

    Radio code card?

    Just been searching for my radio code card to get the security code for my old Symphony II however I can't find it anywhere, where is it usually stored? In the owners manual?