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  1. Evotion

    Turns out my car is 'Chipped' - not good.

    Well, well. I drive a lot of supercars and I always thought that my RS3 was '******' fast. Faster than it should be. Anyhoo.. The car lost all decent drive when I was out and about. It would judder under acceleration and I had to keep it to 30MPH or so until I got to the Audi garage which was...
  2. Evotion

    Facelift Virtual Cockpit Mod from Audi Developers releases more noise!

    Did you see the post over at AudiRS VDT Deutsche? Apparently, the Audi Dynamische guys did start to build in a Beta version that allowed more airflow through the engine to the exhaust with separate control of the Valves and the amount released which, of course, makes the car louder, a bit like...
  3. Evotion

    Great :( The Brake Warning Light Is On

    I haven't seen it yet as the missus is driving it right now and she called me up... Missus: [in the tone of a woman who is about to lose it] The brake warning light has come up on the console! What have you been doing? We only got this a couple of months ago. Me: It wasn't me. Must be your...
  4. Evotion

    AUDI UK now offering a free kit to all Nardo orders

    Very generous from AUDI.....
  5. Evotion

    Facelift Audi techies fix the upsetting non-popping issue on the FL RS3!

    Finally, and the FL'ers can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Except from internal memo at the German HQ from AUDI G.M.B.H Technical Director, Veyars Zeenoize. .. and I paraphrase as I do not speakee zee German: Mein Freunde, vee haz zee solution to zee wagen nicht zee poppen on zee...
  6. Evotion

    Facelift OMG! We've all been duped

    Came out yesterday - did you spot it? Can't be good. :(
  7. Evotion

    RS3 Caption Competition

    You can be brutal - I don't mind.. Here is my RS3 along with a huge ****.... over to you :)
  8. Evotion

    Facelift FL RS3 Poor Sound - SOLVED!

    Bingo!! Joy for all Facelifters. I have worked hard on finding a solution for the poorer sounding Facelift Audi RS3. Simply follow these steps: Play and Download this Sound Clip: Place it in your new RS3's Hard Disk Play it on loop, through your car...
  9. Evotion

    Dynamic/Comfort Mode Solution

    You might be aware of my missus hating speed, and I have a 95 year old nan living close by, plus the general confusion of the ****** modes.... Bingo!
  10. Evotion

    ADHD - When you realise that you have a driving condition...

    Apparently, there is a new condition that has tried to be suppressed over the years. A.D.H.D This stands for: Audi Driving Heedlessly Disorder What is it: It mostly affects males between the ages of 17 and 60. It is a rare condition that causes drivers of Audi sports cars (Known as R or S...
  11. Evotion

    RS3 - ****** awful car - Beware

    Let's look at the facts: It's horrifically loud, anti-social, not nice for neighbours The pops and general cacophony of chaos makes one look like a right twat It looks like a proper posers car and can be mistaken for a yoof-mobile I have had two men shout VERY angrily at me as they thought I...
  12. Evotion

    Who keeps buying things for their RS3?

    Went into Audi Walton-on-Thames today to confirm my service date/time and had a look around. Got seduced by the Audi Sport carbon look ceramic mug.... :dizzy: Went home, told the missus I bought her a gift. Said, "Look, this is for cold drinks and coffee and we can use the un-used Audi...
  13. Evotion

    Anybody near Surrey with a Secondary Cat delete?

    As you may know I am havnig a sports exhaust fitted soon and am still deliberating on taking advantage of that moment to get a Milltek Secondary Delete pipe whilst it is being done. I am only worried about the noise of it when in Comfort. Is there anybody around West Surrey, East Berks, South...
  14. Evotion

    Pesky Traction Control

    I know these are fast cars but the traction control light flickers on during right foot stompage... Not a huge issue in itself but it switches the acceleration off for that moment and I find myself unable to accelerate for a bit even after I slow down - like it needs a bit of time to reset. I...
  15. Evotion

    My car has two VW VR6 engines in it!

    I didn't know this until after it was bought. It is a W12 configuration, with two VR6 engines. Blimey, no wonder it puts out 552HP. Not sure how they work technically together. Library pic:
  16. Evotion

    Need a sports exhaust

    Well, would you believe it. I was sold a car as being Panther Black with the Dynamic Pack and it now turns out, having checked it over, that it is Mythos Black, which I didn't want, and it only has the Mag Ride. The dealer must have assumed it had the sports exhaust... This is a major problem...
  17. Evotion

    Magnetic Ride

    Hi all, Is there any way at all to ascertain if an RS3 has Magnetic Ride? Is it referenced in the settings or something you can see that is different? Ah, also... what is it anyway? :) How does it work technically and is it actually worth it? Cheers.
  18. Evotion

    A45 AMG vs Ford RS vs Golf R vs RS3

    People will always ask this so thought I would throw in my 2p. I drove all four pretty much back to back (in the same week). Have driven the A45 and RS3 twice now. I personally believe in all the following statements based on my experience: Most Fun: Ford RS Golf R RS3 A45 Best Looking...
  19. Evotion

    RS3 Wanted - Who is selling?

    Ok, I have the cash. Ready to buy. This is the mandatory spec. required: Black, Blue (maybe white) - NO other colours acceptable to my fickle missus :( Lunar Silver Supersports seats (as we need the Lumbar Support) - 'might' at a squeeze look at black seats as I will have to explain to her...