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    2019 A1 Strange noise when steering on full lock

    A bit of info. I've had my A1 35TFSI S tronic from new and around 1 month /600 miles a strange noise developed when on full steering lock moving at low speed, forward or reverse. To me it sounded like the noise a hydraulic power steering pump makes when on full lock along with the sound a...
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    2019 A1 Vcds tweaks

    As per title, any tweaks possible on the current A1. Scott.
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    Q3 New Q3

    Hello, Does anybody know when the new Q3 is going to be available to order? Spoke to the local dealer 3 weeks ago and he reckoned 1st of November, with a demo available 3rd week in November. Yesterday got a call from him desperate to get my business, when I said I'm only interested in the new...
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    A3 cabriolet Audi sound system

    I have 2016 cabriolet which was specced with ***. Am I correct that there should be a subwoofer in the spare wheel? Also is there setting on the MMI to individually set the level of the sub on the ***? I have just looked in the boot and there is only a toolkit in the spare wheel. Just want...
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    Bonnet won't open

    Hello Guys, my bonnet decided it doesn't want open any more!. Handle inside the car works o.k, but catch doesnt operated. Is there any way of opening through the grille or engine bay? Thanks for any advice given.
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    Whoosh,pop,I think my turbo dead!

    I've been bluefinned for 2 months now and this has made the car so much better to drive. But this afternoon,pulling away from a junction, the turbo span up as normal ,then there was an almighty pop with smoke,then a sudden lose of power. At first I thought one of the turbo hoses had blown...
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    A3 (8p) re-code for trailer wiring module

    Hello,I have just fitted a dedicated wiring kit to a 2004 A3 complete with control module.All the lighting functions work correctly:happy: However,Vag com shows an error fault of "Control unit incorrectly coded".(on 19. Can gateway):uhm: I have a long coding of 3DOFOB40070101. I tried long...
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    A3 towbar electrics

    Hello,I'm just about to fit a towbar to my 2004 A3 hatch, and was wandering whether to use the genine Audi wiring kit or use an aftermarket kit e.g Towsure. Has anybody had any experiance fitting these kits? Just spoke to the Audi dealer and they seem a bit vague, and even told me that they...