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  1. Wing Lun

    Dogbone Mount Insert

    I had the Powerflex insert installed a few days ago, and the initial feeling was the cabin noise in idle and the vibration when reversing. Over the past few days, I noticed the reduction of transmission slop and a smoother gear change, but just the NVH bugging me... I currently got the yellow...
  2. Wing Lun

    Found Audi A3 8V Sportback 5Dr Load Liner

    Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire Looking for this product under the code: 8V4061180 Anybody selling one?
  3. Wing Lun

    Sold Audi A3 8V Sports Interior Cloth Seats 5 Door (Full Set)

    Great condition out of my 2015 A3 Sportback. Reason for swap is I wanted electric seats. Already had a good clean for potential buyer. Both fronts and rear seats only in listing including centre armrest. Seatbelts not included. As pictured great condition with some marks, please browse...
  4. Wing Lun

    For Sale Audi A3 8V Door Cards x4 (full set) - 5 Door

    Removed from a 2017 1.4 TFSI Sportback, bought on eBay but switches were different on my car so reselling due to my mistake, so an opportunity for you to buy! Selling for £180 but collection only. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. As pictured great condition with some marks, please browse through...
  5. Wing Lun

    Handling Performance?

    Just curious, besides the aesthetic modifications has anyone upgraded their performances on their car in terms of handling? I've got pro kits and rear ARB which isn't a lot haha, what has everyone else done? :whistle2:
  6. Wing Lun

    Electric Lumbar Support Help

    I've got existing standard cloth seats on my A3 Sportback 2015, and I'm looking to invest in seats with the lumbar and heat function. Below is a photo of the existing wiring looms in my car, and it's missing the red and green connector. I'm buying these seats below and at the bottom of the...
  7. Wing Lun


    Hi all, Anyone selling these cloth seats that have the lumbar support function on both driver and passenger seats please? Thank you
  8. Wing Lun

    What happens when you buy a car from Arnold Clark?

    When I retropectively look back, it was a good decision to buy this car because mechnically the car was sound, loads of optional extras, and the price was right. But the more times I handwash my car, the more I realise the paint work on my car is actually horrendous. I don't know who the...
  9. Wing Lun

    Wheels Colour

    I've been seriously considering getting my standard wheels painted. If you've been following me here, I'd bought my car less than a year ago, but the dealers had refurbed the wheels not only one, but TWICE! I didn't know using a jet spray would damage the wheels which Audi damaged from their...
  10. Wing Lun

    Powder coating alloys?

    I'm wanting to powder coat or spray paint my alloys, but I need some opinions or photos of anyone else doing it, need some inspiration... I've been thinking to change them to S3 Alloys or aftermarket 18" alloys but its stretching my budget. Plus I dont want to compensate for a harsher...
  11. Wing Lun

    Changed Halogen to LED...

    All unedit photos of tonights installation. 6500K LED cree H7 headlight bulbs. Unfortunately I'm not gonna fork out 2K to buy the genuine headlight so opted for the cheaper option. Don't see many led/hid kits around? What do you think of these??
  12. Wing Lun

    Fitted Eibach Pro week later?

    I finally made the commitment to purchase and fit the Eibach lowering spring for my A3 Sportback without changing the dampers. At first I was quite hesitant, but now it has become the best mod decision I've made. So one week later, you probably want to know what is the difference ? I noticed...
  13. Wing Lun

    Which alloy wheels to buy?

    I've already done a few minor mods to my car, but my next move would putting on Eibach Pro Kits to support my APR anti-roll bar, and possibly new set of wheels. Keep in mind my car is a 2.0 TDI 150bhp no remaps at the moment. I'm undecided on which ones to go for, I've even collated a few...
  14. Wing Lun

    Anyone know which alloys these are?

    I've seen these alloys a few times, but I've never managed to find the part number or know what these are called, can anybody help please? I was also wondering would these fit the 2015 sportback version?
  15. Wing Lun

    APR Anti Roll Bar Installed - Any difference?

    I've always been a fan of the anti-roll bar, and since I'd installed one in my previous car, I thought I have to get one on my Audi A3. No other performance modifications have been done to the car as of yet, except for this today. Needless to say, the outcome was expected and my car handled the...
  16. Wing Lun

    Budget BUT practical mods

    I've owned my Audi A3 Sportback Diesel 2.0 (2015) just over a month now, and I really like the car in all aspects. Previously I drove a VW Polo 6R, and I'm sure for anyone it is quite an upgrade! Although, I told myself I would not modify my new car, look at what happened haha :yahoo: I don't...
  17. Wing Lun

    Alloy wheels lacquer flaking off?

    I bought my used Audi A3 Sportback 2015 just over a month ago, and I've realised the alloys are "flaking off. The salesman did say before that the wheels were really damaged and kerbed, and they had to "fix" this. Well, not having my car for a long period of time, and the paint is flaking off...
  18. Wing Lun

    Anti Roll Bar

    So I'm thinking of buying and installing the rear anti roll bar, but what do you think about this upgrade, is it worth it? Also, which brand do you think is best in the market?
  19. Wing Lun

    Rear Diffuser Gloss Black

    I want to ask has anybody painted their rear diffuser gloss black? The OEM ones are the grey abs plastic and I feel it needs a shine to it :yes: I know this does not appeal to S-Line trim. I've been quoted £150 for the respray, however what do you think, is it worth it or will it look good?
  20. Wing Lun

    My new Audi A3 Sportback 2015

    Hi all, I'm new here and I've purchased my Audi A3 two weeks ago. One happy owner but unfortnately the previous owner did not look after the car and left a few damages which happily the car company repaired it the best they could. Looks clean on the photo below, when actually it was not, but I'm...