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    Nasty fuel leak - pics inside

    Hi guys, Whilst tracking down a fuel leak on my A3 ('54 3.2) I found the culprit. Upon lifting the rear seat and getting to the fuel sender I found the top of the tank to be rotten. I can see a metal section bonded to the plastic tank. Has anyone ever seen this happen before?
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    Help! Mystery vibration & fluid leak - '04 3.2

    En route to the Nurburgring last weekend my '04 3.2 8P developed a vibration which resonates from the floor beneath the seats, nothing below 40mph but 50mph+ the cabin vibrates. At 80mph the vibration decreases slightly. Nothing changes when knocked into neutral. The vibration doesn't change if...
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    3.2 CATs rattling - best source for new CAT centre section.

    Hi guys, sods law the A3's MOT needs doign next week and the CAT's have started rattling, they sound like they've broken up. Where is best to source a new CAT centre section?
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    Sunshine = Detailing itch cured (for now).

    As it's sunny out I thought I'd try a few of Auto Finesses products. So today the car had: - Pressure wash. - Snow foam - left to dwell (small brush used around crevises etc) then rinsed. - Wash using two bucket method using a wool mitt & my current choice of shampoo. - Wheels washed with...
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    '54 8P LED kit

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the lighting on my '54 A3 8P. - Headlights. - Foglights. - Number plate. - Boot. The car also has puddle lights on the underside of the doors, also available? What is the price inc' P&P please. Kind regards Dan.
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    20" Speedlines - on an 8P?

    Just a thought guys, are Speedlines available in 20" 5x112? I've seen them for a Q7 5x130 PCD.
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    Front wiper motor differences - Compatibility?

    Hi guys, I'm replacing my front wiper motor as it exhibited some stuttering and then ceased to work completely. I've removed the motor & linkage to make sure I order the correct one. My motor (8P2 955 119 A) below has the connector on the right, motors advertised on ebay (8P2 955 119 F) have...
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    Roof bars - 3 door fitment

    Guys, I've got some Thule cycle carriers from my last car so I have bought some roof bars for the A3. These: Audi A3 3dr (03-12) :Atera SIGNO AS aluminium roof bars no. AR5085. The rear bar looks as though it it fixes to the car by slipping between the window rubber, is this how genuine Audi...
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    My first foray into Audi ownership - 3.2 3 door.

    Well I've been pestering various members of this forum with questions for the past few weeks, here is the result of everybodies advice - thanks guys. Bought on 3rd November, a manual 3.2 quattro, the previous owner had spent £1800 with Audi having the timing chain changed! The progress so...
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    Tyre pressure for 225/35/19

    Hi guys, I have used the search function and found snippets of info' but no definitve answer. I'm running a 225/35/19 and I'm unsure which pressures to run them on? I appreciate that even the air volume in the tyre will be different but the pressure should be the same? Currently they are on...
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    Audi corrosion warranty? The dreaded brown stuff!

    Guys, I have recently bought an 8P '54 3.2. I have noticed some bubbles which will eventually break through. A patch at the top of each front arch and the leading front edge of the sills. Has anyone had dealings with Audi regarding this? Is it within their corrosion warranty?
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    Steering wheel upgrade - '54 8P 3.2 Manual.

    Hi guys, Having picked up a '54 8P 3.2 manual yesterday I'd like to upgrade the steering wheel with one from an S-Line. Having done some reading regarding airbag compatibility (single stage etc), what are my options? I've seen the cost of new airbag units and as you will agree, they're not...