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    Accountants and Tax

    Hi all, I'm at a job where I've now been self employed for a year as an IT Consultant type, now being asked to fill in my first Self Assessment... Does anyone have any advice or tips or could generally help me out? Many thanks for any help!
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    PG Tips Monkey

    Anybody seen that advert? On his T-shirt is "I facebooked your mum" I love it! Legen-andIhopeyournotlactoseintolerantbecausethenextwordis-dairy! :beerchug:
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    New A4 B8

    Has anybody seen these? They look amazing! I sat in one at Hatfield Audi and the entire car felt so right (apart from it being a left hand drive), LED front head lamps in a nice array, one projector headlamp, rear lights almost identical to the A5 and the shape is similar to the B7. The interior...
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    Radiator Change

    Evening, I wasnt going to make a thread because I assumed this would all go fairly smoothly, because I am an idiot, after nearly freezing to death and lots of cursing and scraping of knuckles I have a warning for you. Dont buy the radiators they have in stock for the A3 from GSF, they are the...
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    Audi A1

    Intersting article 148bhp? + 40bhp at the rear wheels, I really hope they do it in an S configuration maybe a 1.8 Turbo as opposed to the 1.4 Turbo. I do like the looks, anyone else?
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    Starting Problem...

    Hi, this isnt actually my car but my dads. the car seems to want to start turning over, but not actually starting, seeming as though it has fuel starvation or no spark. The engine judders then stops as though its about to start. Any idea chaps?
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    Bodyshops in Greater London Area

    Anybody know a decent bodyshop in Greater London/ Hertfordshire as my neighbours kids have caused a fair bit of damage to my car and he's gonna pay for it, obviously not gonna be going pentagon prices but something with a decent job! Thanks guys.
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    Red Light Warning

    Wondering if anyone can help me, the other day I got a red light warning pop up on the dash along with the damned BEEP! that frightens the crap out of me. My car doesnt have DIS. I dropped the clutch, turned the engine off and coasted to the side of the road, gave it the once over and saw...
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    Speaker Problem

    Hi, I am trying to get my rear speakers to work, I apparantly have the correct adapter but it still isnt working, I've checked and changed the fuses, swapped the connections but have no idea why my rear speakers and sub are'nt working! They are OEM as come with the car, the front speakers work...
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    Oil Oil Oil

    Can you guys recommend me an oil for my A3 1.8 Sport? I checked the FAQ but it seems thats S3 only, I'd be interested in what you guys use. Thanks.
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    Service Costs

    Hey guys, I did read a (rather comprehensive) thread on service cost differences but Audi Hatfield just quoted me around £700 for a cambelt and water pump change! Is this just a little silly? Labour costs accounted for £450 roughly. Could anyone recommend some garages around Hertfordshire...
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    Hi guys, new here just wanted to say hi! Been browsing without registering for a few weeks now and seems a really good place. :rockwoot: