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  1. samo26

    S3 Insurance

    Unfortunatley i was involved in an accident last night in which i am now going to lose all of my no claims bonus. I also had an accident a couple of years ago but this one couldn't have come at a worse time due to the build on my S3 been about to commence. Looks like i will be having to cancel...
  2. samo26

    Black Edition Front Grille

    Awaiting my Ara blue hatchback delivered in March. Didn't go for black edition as to be honest I really wasn't sure on the alloys! Seen the Ara with black front grille and quite like it! Would like to keep the wings etc silver though. Any ideas where I could buy a replacement other than...
  3. samo26

    Res Delete

    Seeing these pop up on Instagram at the minute on the facelift.. Any thoughts? Not sure wether this would effect warranty herd conflicting stories!
  4. samo26

    Speed Camera Detection

    In preparation for the arrival of my new S3 I have been advised of getting one of these. Pretty new to these types of devices any recommendations or advice on how good these are??
  5. samo26

    Collapsible bollards

    Any recommendations from anyone on here? Looking to install one before the arrival of my S3. Thanks in advance.
  6. samo26

    S3 GAP Insurance

    Is it worth it? If so which type? And what has everyone paid? Audi offering me 700 for 3 years..
  7. samo26

    S3 Ara Blue - Black edition or not?

    Well after been let down by Huddersfield Audi on a Navarra blue S3 I'm over the moon to see Ara blue introduced! Got to let the garage know my final choice tomorrow soooo black edition or not? Pic attached!
  8. samo26

    Facelift S3 Facelift MPG?

    Currently looking at purchasing the facelift 3 door s-tronic S3. Any ideas on what i could expect in fuel efficiency? Do regular motorway mileage with work!