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  1. sandwich1987

    lifters....solid out the box?

    whats the deal with installing the lifters..are they supposed to be compressable out the box because mine are solid?
  2. sandwich1987

    turbo choice?

    I've been try to choose a turbo for my stroker set up, I've been speaking briefly to owensdevelopments and they've suggested a few options. I'm looking for 400-500+bhp and was thinking of a gtx3076 or a hta m-spec gt3076 from Owens, but after speaking to them that suggested going for the...
  3. sandwich1987

    turbo oil/water lines

    im looking to sort out my setup for my oil/water lines for my build, and reading up on various other threads on here, im aware of how risky it is using braided hose near the manifold even when wrapped and found this Krontec Hardline Lightweight AluminiumTube - 4 Metre Length - Demon Tweeks and...
  4. sandwich1987

    Crank Thrust bearings

    Just a quick question, apart from audi/tps where does everyone get the thrust bearings/washers that sit in with the crank, ive tried the google but no luck so far??? Also for those who have had to fit new rings did you use the rotary tool or a by hand? cheers
  5. sandwich1987

    crank pulley

    Does anyone know or is able to check the pcd of the crank pulley for the 4 bolts that go in to it? Cheers
  6. sandwich1987

    New Clutch disc

    Well it seems my clutch is on its way out again! :( for reference im running an S3 with 305bhp and roughly 300lbsft of torque, ive been looking at sachs performance puck clutches but there doesn't seem to much info on google about other alternatives that don't have to imported from the states...
  7. sandwich1987

    main. bearing caps

    Managed to source amother agu block for my eventual striker engine...but the seller hasn't included the main bearing caps, I've sent him a msg but if he dmeant have them can I use The ones I had from my other block or are they all individually line bored? Chee're
  8. sandwich1987

    Sandwich's BT Stroker Build....

    For along time ive wanted to do some serious work to my car, and in the 2 years ive owned it i dont think more than a couple of weekends have went by when i haven't been doing something to it, as im sure most reading have similar experiences. Anyway having already went down the hybrid K04 route...
  9. sandwich1987

    Abs fixed!!

    ive been having a real mare of a time trying to fix a communication issue with my abs module....anyway after buying 2 second hand modules and through the help of someone on the vwvortex forum i have managed to fix the turns out that my k-line that is the wire that makes it way back...
  10. sandwich1987

    Hub tiebar bush

    Does anyone know the size of the bush that goes into the hub for the rear tie bars, I'm still waiting on mine coming an need the size to make up a tool to press them in? Cheers
  11. sandwich1987

    Tie bar hub bush?

    I've just purchased some tiebars and trailing arm bushes but can't seem to find the bushes that connected the tie bar to top of the rear hub? It's all just the inner bushes I'm seeing....
  12. sandwich1987

    block 125

    Ive been having issues with my abs.... i.e abs light traction control light and the fault code 01316, implying a communications fault. Ross tech tells you to chech blocks 125 and onwards. It doesnt however tell you what values you should be getting im getting a value of 1 under the abs field but...
  13. sandwich1987

    Vcds log

    im not over concerned about the log itself, as you can see i pulled 3cf's on cylinder 3 at the very end of the power run, and after that i satred to get 0.8 on 3 and 4 a few times and 4.5 on cylinder 3 when driving back home doing 30ish is this a concern??? seeing this timing pull when not...
  14. sandwich1987

    r-tech mapping video...!/photo.php?v=4460317305945 Just found this video of my car on facebook on nikki's page...its running 20psi 248 g/s and around 305 bhp. having seen the video and read the comments i wish so much i had fitted either a new fuel...
  15. sandwich1987


    Is there a way to test my install to see if I've wired everything correctly without actually driving the car?
  16. sandwich1987

    recent purchases :))

    just though i'd post some of my recent buys......
  17. sandwich1987

    gear selection problems???

    hi all ive recently refiited my gearbox on my 02 s3 after a clutch change and now have everything sorted bled etc...i cant however get the car to go into 1st 3rd 5th or reverse, the fact that its these particular gears leaves to believe its the actual selector thats set wrong, ive tried to do...
  18. sandwich1987

    Bleeding clutch question?

    I've just refitted my box on my s3 and would like to know if when bleeding it all I have to do it bleed from the port connected to te slave cylinder? Is there a specific method? I will be using an ezzibleed. On a side note my fluids not been changed in a while so I am in two minds whether to...
  19. sandwich1987

    Transfer box seal part numbers...

    Does anyone know the part numbers for the 3 O-seals from the transfer box/gearbox mating faces? Much appreciated. Liam
  20. sandwich1987

    Audi s3 gearbox removed....

    Well just finished removing my box and what can I say absolute pain in the d**k! Especially with a crappy wee trolley jack and only two jacks lol the clown who last did the clutch must have removed the braket that holds the transfer box to the block as when I tried to pull teheran box of the...