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  1. RichardT

    Facelift Front Bumper scratched really bad. How much would it cost to fx it? :(

    Well - if money is tight the answer is to leave it. I would have a go at polishing it out. Probably won’t remove it but would improve.
  2. RichardT

    Is 97 ron from costco worth the extra price ?

    I wish our Costco did petrol. We have to pay around £1.30/litre round here.
  3. RichardT

    Anyone used VGS Vag Group Specialist

    Not a lot of independants in London?
  4. RichardT

    Facelift Install LED on 2014 A3

    I programmed my steering wheel star button to skip to the next track.
  5. RichardT

    Cruise control not maintaining speed going downhill

    Cruise control doesn’t use the brakes (I think). So it should cut the throttle going down a steep hill. And also change down for engine braking. Not sure how eco mode changes things, but it doesn’t use engine braking so would assume that it could run away down hill under cruise control.
  6. RichardT

    New to the group and after advice about retrofit Autolights

    I thought this was standard.
  7. RichardT

    FL Front cigarette /Power illumination

    The illumination round the power outlet is only activated when the headlights come on due to low light. If the headlights come on due to rain, then the power outlet light does not come on. Although in both cases the illumination for the lights knob comes on. This may all be unnecessary...
  8. RichardT

    Facelift S3 damaged by a falling..............Sofa!!!

    I would go to you insurer and let them sort it out. No reason for you to negotiate with the sofa company.
  9. RichardT

    Cambelt replacement prices

    Sorry, can’t remember, but just over £300 I think.
  10. RichardT

    Cambelt replacement prices

    I spoke to both a dealer and an independent and they both advised to do the water pump at the same time.
  11. RichardT

    Bought used a3 have some issues.

    SD nav - lots on here about that. Probably a dealer install £500 issue as you’ve been quoted. Wipers - are you sure the intermittant setting on the top of the control arm is not on the left, which makes the wiping very intermittant. Has the car had an accident which meant the dashboard etc has...
  12. RichardT

    S3 car jack

    Where’s the jack now then?
  13. RichardT

    Drive Select and Alarm

    Seen posts on here that suggest fuel consumption is higher with eco. I hate it anyway - don’t like the feeling of coasting. And you have to use the brakes more.
  14. RichardT

    Tinted plates

    Maybe diplomatic or foreign or something?
  15. RichardT

    Facelift 1.5 tfsi ticking on idle

    I can’t see any point in going to someone else when the car is under warranty. Take it and get it fixed. I must say I have not had any negative experiences at my local dealer.
  16. RichardT

    1 Air vent not heating up

    You may have to resort to an Audi garage.
  17. RichardT

    Facelift 1.5 tfsi ticking on idle

    I have the 1.4, which I assume is basically the same emgine. Very quiet at all times really.
  18. RichardT

    2015 1.4 tfsi 125

    A 2015 1.4 will be a COD I think. Mine is 2014 (2015 model year) and is the cod engine. I thought they only made the 150 1.4 then.
  19. RichardT

    Over tightened locking wheel nuts ?

    I bet your local tyre place would do it in a second. Nothing they’ve not seen. Just pop in and ask.