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  1. Tony1982

    Saying Goodbye......... Soon..... New car ordered!!!

    Well it's been a while since I've posted on here but I have been lurking quietly in the background most days. Anyway I thought I'd make a little post to share my news. So I've had the S3 for nearly 2 years and since day one I've done 21000 miles, 3500 of which were on a road trip from northern...
  2. Tony1982

    We're becoming an Audi family!!

    I know it's not 8V specific so admin please move if necessary. Anyway I thought I'd share this as my dad has just collected his new A5 sline convertible, S-tronic 2 litre diesel. My brother also has a nice A5 coupe, not sure what year or what engine etc but he's had it a few years now...
  3. Tony1982

    SD Card unreadable :(

    Hey guys, I normally play music in the car with my iphone 6 plugged into the MMI or sometimes via bluetooth, but after a drunken night out I am now without an iphone and will be for a couple of weeks. Anyway I went out this morning and bought an SD card (16GB SDHC class 10), got home and...
  4. Tony1982

    Xenon bulbs

    Evening guys and girls, Just wondered if anybody could answer my question: Can I swap out the standard Xenon bulbs on my S3 to a pair of higher colour temp bulbs such as 6000k or 8000k bulbs without changing the standard ballasts for a HID kit? My bulbs look really white in the dark which is...
  5. Tony1982

    Road trip/holiday in Italy - My experience.

    Well we just returned home from our 3000 mile road trip to Italy. We started from our home in Germany and the first leg took us all the way to Pisa via Austria, this was a long old drive but made shorter by stopping in Austria for a few hours. After arriving in Pisa we spent the night there then...
  6. Tony1982

    MMI crashed today!

    Hi all, just wondering if this has happened to anyone or if if anyone knows why it's happened. Hopefully my explanation won't be too long winded. Ok so today I was driving to somewhere I don't know (about an hours drive) so used the SD nav to get me there and back. On the way there it had no...
  7. Tony1982

    Alternative A3/S3 forum?

    Anyone know of any other Audi A3/S3 forums? This one is good, I just want to increase my resources if you know what I mean.
  8. Tony1982

    Quattro Decals on Glacier White S3 Sportback (Pic Request)

    Anybody out there got the Quattro stickers/Decals on the rear doors of their Glacier White S3 Sportback? I'm after seeing what it looks like so if you have can you post some pics please. Thanks.
  9. Tony1982

    Turning the ESC off

    Just a quick question that I hope someone has the answer to: So...... when I press the button to turn it off I get the little message in the DIS for a few seconds and the light illuminates in the rev counter. When I press and hold the button the same happens but I then also get "ESC off" in...
  10. Tony1982

    How accurate is the speedo??

    Run in period is over so a couple of days ago I decided to unleash the beast on the Autobahn Didn't quite make it to the very top end as every time I was getting close I had to slow down for a car in front! My mates camera work is not the best lol
  11. Tony1982

    Bonnet re-sprayed after just 2 days of ownership!

    I am now calm enough to share my spot of bad luck! I was too mad at myself to share at the time. Now it's not so raw and been rectified here it is. So I had my brand new S3 for 2 days and went skydiving for the day, the drop zone gets locked up after a certain time every night and I stayed a...
  12. Tony1982

    What wax for your white cars??

    Just interested to know what waxes you guys are using on your white cars, I've just got a glacier white S3 and I like to wax my cars every once in a while, it's my first white car and I've always had dark cars, always used purple dodo juice on them and it's great stuff - but read the label for...
  13. Tony1982

    S3 xenon lights (driving in Europe)

    This is for anyone interested in driving on the continent. I've got a new S3 with the standard xenon plus lights all S3's have (unless u have the optional LED's) and the SD card based sat nav. Anyway the lights automatically change for driving on the continent :) I thought this only happened...
  14. Tony1982

    I wish I'd spec'd roof bars/rails.

    I ordered my S3 back in November and it was build week 13 and is now sat at the uk port waiting for transportation to the dealer. Today I booked a date for me to collect on the 20th and I'm really getting exited now. Anyway been looking at everyone's pics and decided I really like how the roof...
  15. Tony1982

    My Audi App

    Just downloaded the My Audi app on my iPhone, put my details in and the VIN number for my new car (which I haven't got yet). I'm a bit worried because when I go into my vehicles and check out all the details in the optional extras for my car it hasn't got anything listed for the Bang & Olufsen...
  16. Tony1982

    Brake pads and disks replacement

    Hi guys, I'm asking for a friend and info is limited at the moment as she has no clue with cars and I've not seen hers. Basically she has a 2006 A4 2 litre petrol Quattro (all the info I could get), and she heard screeching from one of the front wheels as she was braking, she took it to a...
  17. Tony1982


    Anyone fitted 19" x 8.5 ET35 wheels to their S3? Specifically sportback.
  18. Tony1982

    Will these fit? If not, can i make them fit?

    Hi guys I've got these wheels on my car at the moment, They are Team Dynamics Imola, 19 x 8.5, ET35. The tyres are 235,35,19. Will I be able to put them on my S3 Sportback when i get it? Not permanently but in the winter as they have my winter tyres on them.
  19. Tony1982

    SD Sat Nav or Tech pack - pics please

    Can people post pics of their nav systems please, might be changing my order from the SD Nav to the Tech pack as I've managed to free up some cash but not sure if the tech pack is worth the extra thousand quid, i just want to see pics of both systems so I can compare, also would like to read...
  20. Tony1982

    Build weeks

    How long did it take to get your build week after ordering?