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  1. s3clarke

    Tim's Max Power A3

    smart looking TT, look forward to seeing how it comes on
  2. s3clarke

    New set of wheels for the s3!

    Do you have 15mm spacers? im after a couple of 20mm as I have 15mm on now which I could do you a deal with?
  3. s3clarke

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  4. s3clarke

    Rear fog light not working A3 cabriolet

    Wrong section im afraid :thumbsup:
  5. s3clarke

    Colour Combo's

    not sure if the picture works but this is my 1 which could be for sale..
  6. s3clarke

    Golfer's Extremely low build

    spot on mate :drool:
  7. s3clarke

    Is it just me but.....

    my insurance said a3 s3 saloon?!
  8. s3clarke

    Merlin purple s3 anybody?

    even if you put a grand into it it would have been a good project :)
  9. s3clarke

    Merlin purple s3 anybody?

    Audi s3 Quattro 1.8 T Merlin purple 52 plate black leather Hpi clear | Leeds | Gumtree stunning colour!
  10. s3clarke

    Noise has dissapeared

    its fixed then :icon_thumright:
  11. s3clarke

    Gizmo's S3 8L round two...

    they look better mate, more 'hard' looking!
  12. s3clarke

    1.8t Holding Back Please Read

    I think it must be that you have your seat to far back and when you accelerate in third you are being thrown backwards, meaning you cant plant your foot all the way :racer:
  13. s3clarke

    audi s3 weird stuttering turbo noise?

  14. s3clarke

    audi s3 weird stuttering turbo noise?

    I'm going to investigate mine tomorrow and see what I figure out, I will post up what I find.
  15. s3clarke

    audi s3 weird stuttering turbo noise?

    hum, mine was making a similar noise recently, started off faint and as time went by got worse and now has lost loads of power and all you can here now is it boosting its tits off. I think (as I haven't looked and am not driving it till I have had a look at it) that I have a broken intercooler...
  16. s3clarke

    fitting coilovers

    it'll be worth chucking it into a garage to get it tracked back up pal, car looks good though :yes:
  17. s3clarke

    More polybushes :D

    Yea I drilled them JoJo, then burnt them and then whacked them with a hammer and they fell out. I then cut the collar with a hacksaw then chiselled them out. Cheers for the advice lads I will get them of and see I I can turn them around.
  18. s3clarke

    More polybushes :D

    Tbh I'm not sure what make they are although it had a grease packet inside that is not for these bushes, the grease was for something else. They came with as a package I brought (AP Coilovers, powerflex top mounts, wishbone bushes and trailing arm bushes) off the classifieds a few months back...
  19. s3clarke

    More polybushes :D

    Decided to give the bottom arms a blast, I used a drill and a gas gun for fire :jump:to get the rubbers out, then a hacksaw along with a chisel to get the collars out. after getting a wire brush in the holes to clean them up, I then used grease, a vice, a bolt with washers and a hammer to get...
  20. s3clarke

    heko wind deflectors

    I personally think they look awful :scared2: