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  1. rustynlc

    What alloys mate?

    What alloys mate?
  2. rustynlc


    have some parts to fit!, a genuine bosch maf sensor, as mine keeps chucking a code so think its on the blink, an s2000 air filter, as the set up i have ordered has yet to turn up, and as i chucked the 80mm tip on at the weekend i haven't been able to drive the car as have had no filter! the...
  3. rustynlc


    yeah its a bit more than a mm or two of shaft play! no side to side though! i recieved my replacement turbo today so when i get five and have the patience i will get it fitted. i got it from tps so it comes with new tungston bolts and fitting kit. Ill probably go down that route bill.
  4. rustynlc


    so i fitted the tip today, and noticed some 'in and out' play in my turbo!! new one will be ordered tomorrow, got no issues at the moment but can't afford to be without a car! looks like its gina be a right she in the nads to do!!! I'm also wanting to do a pcv delete! but not sure the best catch...
  5. rustynlc

    Frozen out of car already

    I found spraying silicone spray into the door lock assembly has helped. had a frost the other day, would only open from the inside but not the outside, sprayed some silicone spray in it and then after a few try's it freed up, had a few frozen spells since and no repeat!
  6. rustynlc

    How to identify worn S3 dmf?

    from a qualified tech, if the dmf has any considerable movement in any direction 'back and fourth' (toward the engine block and away) or side to side (rotational, as if your turning it like a steering wheel) then it needs to be replaced, and everyone else has nailed the question, if its got hot...
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    Cheers s3mad_dude I'll have a browse and see if that's the issue, I called a favour in with my local parts place owner, being in the trade has its bonuses. Yeah xenon Hellas, is seen them for like £140 per a side!!! It's crazy money,
  8. rustynlc

    S3 DV correct way to be fitted ?

    Pretty sure it should be the other way chap,
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    Sorry it's been a while! Not had chance to do much as a new baby in the household, but now we finally mastered a routine I can start tinkering again . So they say it comes in threes, and they weren't wrong, this week has seen a split Oem tip, a seized nsr caliper and now a leak from the...
  10. rustynlc

    This weeks reverse lights! Any ideas?

    Only way really of checking is to bridge the connector with a split pin briefly. If once you stick a split pin across the terminals on the connector you get lights then sure as hell its the switch.
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    Cheers tufts, How I couldn't find that is baffling, but then again I spend my days playing with spanners and sockets..... computer illiterate some say lol
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    I'm thinking a badger tip, was looking on his website but couldn't find anything on there so will call and place an order
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    This thread is going to be a minor mod (baby on way) and a maintenance/upkeep thread, that being said so far I've updated the coil packs to nice red ones, poly bushed the dog bone mount, arb bushes, stainless steel adjustable rear track arms, lowered on apex springs, and then I chucked some...
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    I've had the s3 for a few months now (upgraded from my 1.8t ajq Quattro) I love the S3, it was completely standard when I got, APY 2000, full service history and even has full black leather Recaro interior (either love it or hate it).
  15. rustynlc

    brake light warning caused by brake switch?

    I had this issue on my previous 8l, I found resistance in the wiring, (swollen wire), I cut/re soldered the wire and it never came back on, I also had corrosion on the actual light clusters aswel, may not be your issue but worth a look,
  16. rustynlc

    Help Required wet A pillar trim

    I had this issue, the car had a replacement windscreen at some point in its past and the installers scratched the paint, exposing bare metal, this turned to rot and eventually the sealant/bonding lifted and water ingress occured, that's the theory on my car anyway lol