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  1. silver75

    Just seen my 1st A3 Cab

    Hi guys, just seen an A3 cab on Borough High Street - it didnt look as bad as I thought it looked in peictures, but it didnt look great either. The lady driving had the roof up and the odd thing is, unlike most other hatchback/cabrios the roof seems to stretch all the way back to the tail lamps...
  2. silver75

    Bargain Cayman S on Pistonheads..24 k!

    Just seen this on PH...Cobalt blue (best colour imo) 55 plate 11k miles for 24k!
  3. silver75

    312mm complete S3 brake setup

    OK after trying and completely failing to work the clasified section I thought I might as well post on here. A recent thread reminded me I still have these items and I might as well put them up for sale as I have no need for them. 312mm brake discs x2 S3 break calipers with padsx S3 caliper...
  4. silver75

    *flameproof jacket on* swapped my Audi for a...

    smart roadster.... ^^not my motor but mine looks identical. Well I have been getting pretty bored of my A3 for a little while now, and I had initially planned to get a bigger car with at least 6 cylinders and preferable not FWD. Test drove a couple of V6 Jags and Alfas, but then I...
  5. silver75

    Do you believe in... aliens?

    Yes I know its a strange title for a thread but surely we cant be the only living things in the whole goddamn universe?
  6. silver75

    Satanta Sports?

    Anyone got this? Is it worth a tenner a month? And more importantly who is the burger van doris in the adverts? :wub: :wub:
  7. silver75

    Letter from the Police.. What next? Will I lose my license??

    OK I had a collision with a cyclist... Driving to work I come to a crossroad...(the junction at Rosebery Avenue and Farringdon St by the big Post Office in clerkenwell) I get to the lights and I am indicating to turn left into Farringdon Road as I am pulling away I notice a cyclist come from...
  8. silver75

    C*@ts! I mean "Premium" SUV drivers!

    Everyone harps on about white van drivers and BMWs but IMO the new w*nkers on the streets are definitely drivers of Cayennes Turbos ML AMG models and Range Rover Sports.. blacked out windows, blinding everyone with their xenon/foglight combo and 22" Kahn rims... driving like they own the road...
  9. silver75

    Audi Q7

    The Q7 is Audi's take on the big off-roader and it's their first real go at something that can actually go off-road. It squares up against the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz ML by being bigger than all of them in terms of length, wheelbase and width. It's also more powerful than its...
  10. silver75

    Last Man Standing

    Anyone been watching this? Got to be the best show on telly at the mo! :cool:
  11. silver75

    Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

    The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 was acclaimed at launch as the best performance car ever for its price.... Like the R33 before it, the Skyline GT-R R34 is a technological masterpiece, it's an excellent all-rounder and it's incredibly, stunningly fast. The in-yer-face looks might not appeal to...
  12. silver75

    What is your next car going to be??

    Well what car will you be getting after your current motor? EDIT: Could people also state the reasons why they are going for these cars Peace :cool:
  13. silver75

    Fixed term contracts...

    Seen a couple of jobs I like.. interesting and better salary, but one is a 2 year contract and the other is 3...If you were in a stable job (that lets you abuse the internet all you like) would you quit it for a another even though its 3 year tempory job but with better salary etc? Anyone done...
  14. silver75

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Will be good to see everyones cars in the same place especially for newer folk wanting to see certain cars with certain rims etc Peace :cool: EDIT: Nobody diss anyone elses car if you dont like the styling mods etc
  15. silver75

    Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

    I know its Italian, I know it will probable break, I know the dealers are crap, I know it is nose heavy and front wheel drive.. but its an Alfa it has V6, 250 BHP and just look at it :wub: :wub: :wub: Top spead 153 mph 0-60 6.2 seconds I say its :cool:
  16. silver75

    Bernard Manning is dead

    Happy days! I hated the ******* :yahoo:
  17. silver75

    The Welcome Section WHORES! you know who you are...

    what do all these threads have in common?
  18. silver75

    TV thread

    OK so everyone hates Big Brother (:rolleyes:) but what else is on? Tonight: 5th Gear (c5 @8pm) Tiff test drives a 911 GT3 RS Rocky III (Sky One @ 9pm) The one when he fights Clubber Lang Shameless (E4 @ 10.00pm) I think its a repeat but still worth a watch IMO Aryan Brotherhood...
  19. silver75 Cribs!

    So we all have seen pics of pretty much every one on heres cars... but how about a thread of pics of our homes/gardens/garages/kitchens etc? :cool:
  20. silver75

    Who here has a degree?

    What you got? Got a graphic design one which has been about as much use to me as the plague.