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  1. S3Zek

    dose anyone have any ideas on this???

    HI all, right, sitting outside drinking a cup of tea in the sun and my car alarm gose off.... hmm walk over, open car, shut car, lock, walk away and back to cup of tea.... Alarm gose off again, walk to car open car then notice dash back light is on and it then starts beeping at me , big red...
  2. S3Zek

    Just got this back from relentless.....

    Just got this back from relentless in exchange for the v3 that didn't fit well, Then spotted peeps on here discussing the v3 isn't as good as the v2 for flow but is stronger! So I thought FSS who wants my v3 as I shall now get a v2 and have it braced up........ Well today I opened the box to...
  3. S3Zek

    Ths engine mounts this time.....

    Found another prob today.... Well I think it's a problem, I don't seem to be having much luck with bits I've bought for my build...
  4. S3Zek

    Mani probs

    Started to fit my v3 last night, grounded the tops down, adjusted the heat shield, shortened 2&7 bolted it up then set about the turbo.......... For f**k sake...... Even if I bolt the exhaust to the turbo first there's no way that bolt is fitting in there.... It looks like the end of the...
  5. S3Zek

    Finely got my podi's in :)

    Finely got them in (not a hundred percent but one is) not without a bit of bother along the way and still a few probs left with them but overall I like them. :)
  6. S3Zek

    Strange one.....

    Just wondered if anyone can shed some light on my latest prob, passenger window won't go down but it is clicking in there, so had the moter off the regulator and it works.....but only one way, which would be to make the window go up....but only when you press the switch to go down??? so yeah now...
  7. S3Zek

    Now baffled and stuck.......

    Right here's where I now stand. On last Friday went to go shopping for food, pulled into supermarket car park after being in a small amount of traffic parked up and before I turned it off big beep and temp at 120ish on gauge, NICE.....just what I wanted, air con has also given up the ghost a...
  8. S3Zek

    Injectors 800cc?

    I'm trying to find out what injectors i need and the best place & price to get them, What size and make do you guys run for 400-500hp? Would I be right in thinking 800cc? Many Thanks :)
  9. S3Zek

    Torque settings and tools

    Hay all I was wondering if anyone can help. Dose anyone have all the torque settings for the compleat 1.8t s3 engine? All I can find is sump settings here.... Rocker cover there... Workshop manual that Only tells u how to change oil and stuff along thoses lines. Dose anyone have a propper manual...
  10. S3Zek

    Rear subframe

    Evening all, I was messing about doing a four wheel alinement on my s3 saturday as ive dropped it a bit more and I couldn't get enought adjustment on the toe on the pas rear, it is out as far as it can go like the other side and is still at 0.40 when it wanted to be at 0.07ish so then noticed...
  11. S3Zek

    Agu engine

    Is the Agu engine internally the same as the bam apart from head and pistons? Any one know what the Agu and bam pistons are good for power wise?
  12. S3Zek

    Large port head

    Which large port head is the best to get? After going down this route when changing the rods, turbo ect ect, Or dosent it matter? Which are the engine codes?. I had a quick scan in some post but I never seem to put the right thing in to find what I'm looking for lol, cheers for any info.
  13. S3Zek

    just a quick one...

    Dose any one know what the size of the 6 countersunk screws are that hold on the alloy covers by chance? im guesing somthing like this will do but im not sure on the m size? m3 x 10 stainless countersunk screw allen bolts x 20 M3 STAINLESS COUNTERSUNK POZI SCREWS various lengths
  14. S3Zek

    haldex prob

    hi all just wondered if anyone can shed some light on my mates prob ive serched the threds for some one that mite have had the same probs but no luck, it a apy 2000 but with esp but dosnt seem to have a fuse in the car for the heldex, basickly it dosent work at and it has no faults showing, it...
  15. S3Zek

    eBay DMF

    Ok I'm being sensible now:moa: only just noticed these on there are these the same as factory ones? And is this about the same price as Gsf or ecps? AUDI S3 QUATTRO DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL 1.8 03/99 - 04/03 | eBay
  16. S3Zek

    mass and clutch

    Ive been looking thro the threds on here but cant seen to find what im looking for:ermm: im going to stick in a new mass but im after a clutch for up to around 450 bhp am i right in saying it needs to be a paddle or is there an organic of sorts that would handle this sort of power? also who...
  17. S3Zek

    Fitting 112 pcd wheels to s3 with WHEEL SPACERS 57.1 5x100/112 12MM

    First hi all, next.. is this a good idea? Idont want to go for reps so this is the only other way i can go without modifying hubs ect, (that i can think off anyway) to have a set off genuine set of audi rims that i like on the car. im up for it but thing that bothers me is, are they strong...
  18. S3Zek

    Hi :)

    Hay all new here had my s3 8L for about 3years now just never got round to signing up on here till now :) all good apart from a few teething probs lol so now it's time to start tuning her up :racer: