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  1. mrbubba

    S-tronic Gearbox question

    My 2010 S4 has just had a Gearbox oil service, as the box was getting very clunky when changing gear and not smooth at all moving off in 1st. Since coming back, the issue is still there and I've noticed now, that when the gearbox is engaged (in gear), the engine revs start to pulse, from 1k to...
  2. mrbubba

    Drop link replacement

    Has anyone got a guide, or quick reference for changing the front drop links? I've just received a new set, hoping to fix a clunking front nearside after a pothole strike. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. mrbubba

    Engine oil confusion

    I had the oil changed in my 2010 S4 about 6 months ago, it was done privately and they used OEM 5w30 oil. Since owning the vehicle, oil consumption seems a bit higher than I'm used to with my cars. I've topped up twice since the service and have now finished the left over 5w30 oil. I need to...
  4. mrbubba

    Bilstein B12 kit, is this the correct one?

    My 2010 S4 Avant requires new shocks and top mounts. Is this the correct kit for a 2010 S4 Avant? It says 8k5 instead of B8, but the year 2008 onwards seems correct Alternatively, is...
  5. mrbubba

    Front drop links

    Any recommendations for somewhere online to buy some replacement drop links? Don't really want to pay dealer prices. Larkspeed are usually cheaper for things online, but couldn't find these on their site. B8 S4 Avant Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  6. mrbubba

    Roof bars in the right place?

    Put some roof bars on my Avant, but not sure they are in the right place, as they are quite noisy at around 70mph. I followed the instructions that came with them and they are placed on the rails exactly where the small indents are on the rails. My 3 series had larger bars on it and you could...
  7. mrbubba

    Bilstein springs and shocks for B8 S4 Avant

    Could you tell me how much for the above? It's a 2010 S4 Avant Thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  8. mrbubba

    Which discs for S4?

    I'm looking at this site for my replacement discs, but it lists different parts for my 2010 S4 Avant. I don't want to order the wrong ones, so which ones do I choose? It's there anything wrong with the standard Pagid discs and pads? I've seen Red Stuff...
  9. mrbubba

    How to remove broken up clay bar

    Used my bilt hamber clay bar and it looks like a small part has come off and is now stuck to the paint work. The clay bar is very crumbly to start with and this was the first area I did it on. I've tried soaking it with water and claying over it, but it just rubs it in. Any ideas? The clay was...
  10. mrbubba

    S4 burble

    I listened to a new S4 leaving the supermarket the other day and I was really impressed with the sound of it. Even just cruising, it has a lovely burble to it. This is missing on the previous B8 S4. My car is really quite tame, unless you are going full throttle. Is there a way to replicate this...
  11. mrbubba

    Cambelt/Camchain query on S4

    Straight after buying my 2010 S4 Avant, I went down to my local Audi dealer to enquire about the cambelt. I was told that it needs changing every 5 years, or 120k miles. As it was over 5 years, I booked it in. Drop it off today and leave in the loan car, a rather nice Q3. A few hours later, get...
  12. mrbubba

    2 mountain bikes in the back of an Avant?

    Going to the Lake District with the Mrs on Monday, need to know if I can get 2 mountain bikes in the rear of my S4 Avant, anyone done this successfully? If not, I need to get some bars quickly [emoji3] Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk