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  1. s3clarke

    Merlin purple s3 anybody?

    Audi s3 Quattro 1.8 T Merlin purple 52 plate black leather Hpi clear | Leeds | Gumtree stunning colour!
  2. s3clarke

    More polybushes :D

    Decided to give the bottom arms a blast, I used a drill and a gas gun for fire :jump:to get the rubbers out, then a hacksaw along with a chisel to get the collars out. after getting a wire brush in the holes to clean them up, I then used grease, a vice, a bolt with washers and a hammer to get...
  3. s3clarke

    Audi s3 fuel pump

    Well after an eventful night last night up the Coventry dub club, I now need a fuel pump. where is the best place to source 1? Cheers.
  4. s3clarke

    She may be back on road

    hi guys, I put a post up a few months ago when my car randomly stopped working when reversing, as mentioned before it could simply of just ran out of fuel as I think the gauge lies a little as sometimes I have say 50mile left before I turn it off then 5 mintutes later when I start it back up...
  5. s3clarke

    S3 replacment

    Well I've made my mind up that after spending close to £1600 on the Audi the past 2 months its time to sell up and start saving up, I mean a house isn't going to buy its self is it :ermm: I have a works van with a decent fuel allowance so that can be my everyday car, but as for a toy im going...
  6. s3clarke

    Ebay weapon!

    audi a3 1.8t quattro s3 tt modified | eBay I cant believe somebody has a bid on this for £4000! :faint:
  7. s3clarke

    Odd car wont start...

    Cut a long story short, I had to go over to my mums to collect a wagon I left on her drive this morning, so I drove my S3 about 15 miles from mine to hers. when I got there, I turned my car off, reversed the wagon of her drive then got back in my car to put it on the drive. It started up then...
  8. s3clarke

    New wheels?...

    In a predicament.... My RSTT alloy wheels are in need of 4 tyres, and ideally a refurb as they are all a bit scratched up. (I think somebody painted them before not very well and its coming off on the rim) So shall we call it £75 per tyre (not budget but not Pirelli's) then a refurb (city...
  9. s3clarke

    ming blue 8l s3 BBS LM

    Spotted at the MacDonald's near Webbs of Wychbold Droitwich area yesterday. lowered on BBS lm alloy wheels.
  10. s3clarke

    Red 8l s3, Bromsgrove

    Lowered, massive camber on the rear, in bright red with a private plate.
  11. s3clarke

    few pictures from the weekend..

    Took a trip down to Brean and Weston with the missis, filled my tank with nitro Vpower used just under half a tank there and back. Good day out :)
  12. s3clarke

    Brembo Brake pads

    Seeing as my s3 wants everything under the sun at the minute, and im to nice to say no, she now wants some brake pads as the warning light has flashed up. I'm running standard front brakes, and have seen the pads which I think are cheap.. any body run them? FRONT Brembo Brake Pads AUDI A3...
  13. s3clarke

    2 silver 8l s3's at VAG v JDM

    2x very clean looking 8l s'3, face lift and pre facelift. 1 running Rota's. spotted at the Vag v JDM meet in Dudley
  14. s3clarke

    best way to poly bush..

    I recently acquired a set of poly bushes, for the front wishbones and the trailing arms. has anybody fitted the big bush without a press? I was thinking all thread and washers to push/pull it through...
  15. s3clarke

    Slippery slope....

    I'm covered in grease and I've been thrown down that slope where I cant go back haha. Mods are only minimal at the minute, 80mm TIP, N429 delete, and S2000 air filter, but since replacing my squealing turbo my cars pulling harder than ever..... and I want more! :yum: I was bidding on a 3''...
  16. s3clarke

    turbo change time....

    :wtf: What a pig of a job!! ended up taking of the subframe to get room to move spanners etc as you convince yourself you can do it and reach, but I find sometimes spending a little more time taking bits off is easier in the long run. well hopefully I will have it completely off tonight...
  17. s3clarke

    4beeps from the back

    Since i changed my car battery 2 days ago, i have heard this beeping from the boot. I have read that this has something to do with the alarm system battery dying.. But I'm not convinced as its the 1st time it has ever done it and only happened since the car battery was changed. Any ideas how to...
  18. s3clarke

    Turbo exchange

    Does anybody know any good turbo exchange company's that'll take my turbo as it is? It's a k04 023. I've been offered by somebody to rebuild mine but as my clutch in my van has just give up I ideally need an exchange on my turbo. I'm based in birmingham. Thanks
  19. s3clarke

    eBay turbo's

    Not sure if this has come up before, but next week I am due to take my turbo off my bam s3 for a rebuild. If its ruined, and is costly to rebuild then I'm not sure which step to take. What are these ebay turbos actually like? Does anybody run 1? Cheers.
  20. s3clarke

    sell up or carry on with the s3..

    I'm in a bit of a predicament here, as much as I enjoy my s3, there's a lot to not like about it as well, every time I repair something lately, there's another job I find that needs repairing and I either just waste my time doing the original job, or it ends up costing me more money then id...