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  1. maxlbrown

    Defecting Sorry Good bye Audi.

    Sorry but 7 months wait for an A3 or A4 is in my book unacceptable especially in this climate. 5 weeks for a BMW Sorry I'm off. as BMW have recalled all the dealer builds and scrapped the production to reduce waiting lists. Coming next month BMW 118D Alpine white 5 door msport with red...
  2. maxlbrown

    A3 sportback 1.9tdi MPG

    Any one here got the new 1.9tdi 105ps engine in an a3 sport back. what sort of realistic MPG are you getting. general oppinions etc whats good /bad (apart from poor headlights as usual for audi) My friend is thinking of one and has been told 70+ mpg. I find that hard to belive off the test...
  3. maxlbrown

    HID upgrade kit

    VVME.COM are currently selling the HID upgrade kits for $55.99 I m ordering mine tonight i think. This must be a steal at £25 for the h1 kit M
  4. maxlbrown

    cold weather blues

    the ast two mornings my a6 has decided it doesn't like the cold between 1 to 2k rpm above this and tickover it seems fine. It seems to feel like theres either a lack of power or runs rough. Any ideas PS vag com is not showing any errors or DTCS. I reprogrammed the ECU so it thinks its...
  5. maxlbrown

    A6 B5 Gearbox oil

    I know this may sound stupid but here goes does the manual gearbox on the A6 2.4 30V 2WD use the engine oil for lubrication or does it have its own supply as in the Auto boxes. Im asking because my gear change feels a little notchy and not as slick as it once was. Almost like the selector...
  6. maxlbrown

    rear brake disk sizes

    Any one know how to tell what size disks are required for my car I have been told there are two types for my A6 2.4 1 for 48mm hub and one for 53mm Hub Theres nothing on the disk to help except the wear thickness Thanks Max
  7. maxlbrown

    new wierd problem

    My A6 seems to think occasionaly it has low fuel even when the gauge is full or at half the low fuel warning comes up on the central DIS. Restart the car and hey presto all ok. Its only started since we had the warm weather and only in the last couple of weeks and has done it about three times...
  8. maxlbrown

    Removal of the steering wheel on a an a6

    Does any one know how to remove the steering wheel (airbag cover on an a6 C5) I know about disconnect battery but dont know how to release the airbag cover in the centre of the steering wheel i suspect it is some thing to do with the two holes in the rear of the steering wheel. but are they...
  9. maxlbrown

    sqeaky steering wheel

    Help im going mad The problem Love my A6 however it has developed an annoying squeak when i turn the steering wheel it appears to be a metal/rubber squeak so i suspect a dry seal some where near the top of the steering column I have had the top cover off and tried grease,wd40,and oil on the...
  10. maxlbrown

    wierd indicator problem

    Any had the indicators stop working for no reason. this happened to me yesterday. When either left or right is selected the lights came on but did not flash. hazards worked fine and all the bulbs are ok. The about a couple of minutes into the return journey they started working fine. I...
  11. maxlbrown

    Vag factory fit alarm

    I have come across a serious problem when insuring my A6 I went to new supplier (auto direct) for my insurance at renewal a couple of weeks ago. Thats when the trouble starts The insurance underwriters (royal sun alliance) do not recognise Audi (or VAG) factory fit alarms and immobilisers as...
  12. maxlbrown

    OBD connector

    can any one tell me what type and where the obd connector is found on an A6 manual 1999 Thanx Max
  13. maxlbrown

    1999 A6 ABS Failure

    Have other drivers had the ABS controller fail and is thier a cheap fix. I.E Lots of beeping and flashing lights and ASRI have been quoted £1200 from audi. I know there is a ECU repair kit for £400 but the dealers dont normally sell this as an option. I have found a guy in the uk who repairs...