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  1. rob0904

    S1 springs on A1 sline

    As above will they fit? Thanks
  2. rob0904

    Replacing Front strut top mount

    Hi, jumped into my ladies car the other day to jump start the next door neighbours car and started getting the "boing" noise when turning the steering wheel. So I know its either the spring or the top mount. What I can't find is a good how to on removing the top mount or strut if it's the...
  3. rob0904

    2.0 tdi bigger brakes

    Hi, interested in what options I have for bigger brakes. I've got a 2015 2.0 tdi ultra nothing particular wrong with mine just want them to fit the wheels more. would the 345mm disc fit my calipers? Read about using the 3.0 tdi also seen ppl using some A8 calipers to get 380mm discs. Any...
  4. rob0904

    Power load cover clips

    Since I've had my avant it's not had the clips which sit inside the runners and move the load cover when the boot is opened/closed. Does any one know the part numbers for these? Thanks Rob
  5. rob0904

    Wheel bearing

    Hi, I've got a bad wheel bearing it seems I've tried moving tyres round, no better. I can't feel any play in it but it's getting loader now. I'm quiet happy to change it myself but I can't seem to find anywhere selling a complete assembly. My A6 is a 2015 2.0 ultra if that makes any...
  6. rob0904

    Which glow plug to buy

    I've got a dead glow plug on my 2.0 ultra. Which plug should I buy? There doesn't seem to be much difference in price. Any help would be great. Rob
  7. rob0904

    Dtuk crdt+

    Hi, just fitted a dtuk crdt+ box and set it to 2+2. Is there anywhere which actually tells u what the difference in each setting is. Read somewhere the all settings deliver the same power is just how or when it comes in. Oh it's for a 2015 2.0 ultra. Any help would be great. Thank Rob
  8. rob0904

    Air con tripping out

    Hi, I've regased my ladies air con and now I'm getting fault codes tell me my sensor has a shirt to ground. I can clear the code and get cold air for a few seconds then it trips out again. Pulled the fuses to check them and cleared the codes about a hundred times. It's the anything else I can...
  9. rob0904

    Adjusting screen washer jets

    I know it's a simple thing but after a quick look at them I'm confused Haha. There is no visible jets? Just the rectangle block and a torx screw. Any help would be great. Rob
  10. rob0904

    Becoming key user...

    Is there any way to do this without involving a dealership? Loads of info for other models but not the c7 :-( Any help would be great.
  11. rob0904

    A6 c7.5 getting security access

    Hi, i want to get security access for module 5F information electr. My car is an audi a6 c7.5 my 2015. All the online ones dont seem to work. Any help would be great. Rob
  12. rob0904

    Upgrade to led interior lights

    Ive jist got myself an A6 avant black edition but the interior lights look poor against the rest. Seen the s6/rs6 interior roof lights on ebay are these a direct swap? There seems to be more buttons and glasses holder on them. Or can i get new plastic lenses to get a better look with led...
  13. rob0904

    A6 ultra s tronic no gearbox services

    Hi, I've been looking for a newer A6 and found a higher mileage 15 plate one for a decentish price. When I've dug into its history it's been well looked after engine wise, regular servicing and timing belt done but no mention of the s tronic box being serviced. It's done just under 140k surely...
  14. rob0904

    1.4 tfsi starting issue

    Hi, came to our 2012 1.4 tfsi this morning tried to start it and it just turned over no signs of life. So tried a few more times and it started to chug a bit. Got it started in the end but was running rough for a few seconds then seem to idle normally. Turned it off and started it again this...
  15. rob0904

    Hub leg upright replacement

    My a6 avant has failed an mot on play on the hub leg upright where a ball joint is clamped in. Can I use one off a passat of the same age? There is more of them close to me and need it done fast. Any help would be great. Rob
  16. rob0904

    What's an S6 sport pack on the allroad?

    As the title, what is an S6 sport pack on an allroad or is it something the seller has made up? Thanks
  17. rob0904

    Buying car with personal plate which needs removing

    Hi, I'm looking at buying an A6 but it still has the person plate on it. I've never looked into private plates before so no idea on removing them. Is it as easy as going online telling the DVLA so they can issue a new plate, print or show certificate to get new plates made. Then slap them on...
  18. rob0904

    1.9 avf egr boost pipe part number

    I'm after the part number for the little 90 degree boost pipe which goes from the egr valve to the plastic pipe at the back of the engine. I can't get the part number off my pipe as it's gaffer taped up.... Any help would be great. Rob
  19. rob0904

    3.0 tdi 204bh0 multitronic gearbox

    Hi, looking at a 3.0 tdi with the multitronic gearbox. Are they any good or are they still problematic? It's got 90k on the clock and full history just waiting to find out if or when the oil was changed in the box. Is there anything else I should ask or check for in regards to the gearbox? Rob
  20. rob0904

    1.9 tdi boost leak?

    Hi, drove down to cornwall for a holiday all good til I get onto the a30, going steady up hill I can feel the car surging/hunting slightly. So after a few days of driving around the Cornish country lanes the surging has gotten worse but now with loads of black smoke and induction noise like...