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    Audi S4 WB 500 BHP +

    Hi guys, Just get my car back from MRC :) 507 PS with 742 Nm without water/meth :)
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    Rolling Road day at London And Spanner / wash meet

    Hi guys, I am organise a roll day at Dynomite system in North London at 26th Aug if anyone interesting please put your name on the list also at the same day we will have Spanner / wash meet too :) Address: Waterloo Road, London, NW2 7JW Run cost would be £40 per car if you want pizza...
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    Few new mods :)

    Weather was nice so I took few picture of the car with new mods :) H&R Pro Street Coilovers fitted with new rear bushes, RS4 Wing Mirrors and RS4 B5 Y pipe fiited too: More mods to come :)
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    For sale S4 B5 Complete Suspension with lower springs - in good condition

    Hi guys, I get for sale S4 B5 Saloon complete suspensions with Lower springs weitec 25mm- in good condition Just Want £120 for it can bring it to AID or post it but I really don't know how much it will cost. This is how the car looked when Suspension was on it: Will get...
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    You guys get to see this :(

    I think this is the White Widebody S4 that everyone used to talk about it
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    New Rims :)

    New Rims its the 19" 8.5J BBS Rims with 235/35/19 Tyres, here are few pictures of it, let me know what you guys think :thumbsup: Even if you guys don't like it I don't care, I love these rims...... More mods to come :racer:
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    I am Back

    Hi all :arco: I am back from my Hoilday, hope everyone is ok so what did I missed
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    Buemi runs into crazy fan in Formula One car

    A fan had a lucky escape when he emerged unhurt despite a collision with a Formula One car. :blink: Buemi runs into crazy fan in Formula One car - Yahoo! Eurosport UK
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    19" Alloy Wheels

    Hi guys need bit of help with these rims 19" Alloy Wheels 5X112 8.5J X19 ET38 I am just worried about ET but with 20mm spacer's that should sort it out the ET Now what is worring me is the tyre size so what is my options guys? 255/30/19? or 245/40/19? I already tried 255/35/19 and...
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    Audi RS4 B5 Rims for sale.....

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    New Rims :)

    Well its not new a wheels :lol: its the RS6 Dave Rims from Audisrs forum :D here few pictures of them let me know what you guys think :) I was planning to refub them but I am short of money at the moment :? but if anyone is good with photoshop then please do some design on the rims...
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    Audi S4 Widebody :)

    As you guy know that I had some body paint problem on my car so I took the car to Aidan on 16th Nov for full body paint work and I get the car back on Friday and all I can see wow the paint is looking amazing now and there are no marks or lines on the body :) Here are some pictures for you...
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    My New Ride :)

    I just bought this recovery so far I love it :D its a ford transit 2.5D and the only reason I get it I want to start recovery job :) Here are few pictures of it: At the monment I have done nothing on the car but soon I will paint its back where you can see the rusts and also will do...
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    Just a estimation :)

    Hi guys :D I am not really planning to sale my car but if I did want to sell it what you guys think how much can I get for it :roll: I checked the Auto Trader Standard S4 are around £5000 - £6000 but my one is with RS4 body so if I put all the costs on top of the standard price will that be...
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    XS Power turbo back Exhaust system with 3" DP fitted :)

    XS Power turbo back Exhaust system with 3" DP fitted :) It was very hard job to fit it but at the end with some welding and playing around with it we fitted into the car :D Here few pictures of the day: We started at 12am :cry: We had to take out some bits out from the engine to get...
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    Help brake caliper bleed valve is damage :(

    Hi guys after I fitted my new pads I tried to bleed the breaks and by mistake I damaged the bleeding valve and now its leaking and its damaged from inside the caliper how can I fix this :( the valve its self is not damaged its the housing of it that is damage :(
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    Audi S4 Rear LED

    Hi guys just need abit of help here with my LED rear lights I just fitted them and now I get a faulty light on dash saying my rear break lights is not working and I checked it and its working fine, is this something do with the LED?
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    Audi S4 B5 passanger side rear Hub

    Hi guys I am after a Audi S4 B5 passanger side rear Hub if anyone his one please let me know :)
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    Audi S4 parts :)

    Hi guys as you all know that I just done the widebody conv and now I have all my S4 body parts for sale so if anyone wants any parts please let know. Parts are: 1) S4 Front Bumper with fog lights, washer and grills - £230.00 2) 2 rear doors no door cards - £50.00 each 3) side skirts -...
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    Widebody S4 Saloon :)

    It's official started :) The car is in the garage with Aiden :P I drop the car on 8th march 2010 so it has been almost one week now. My plans are :D Bodywork first, then engine, and finally the suspension. I dreamed of having a B5 RS4 but I really didn't like the Avan so...