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    RS3 Face lift coming in November

    Just as I was close to placing an order on the new RS3, I received the following message from my local dealer: "...In the meantime, I have been informed that there will be a facelift due which will be approximatively at the beginning of November. I can confirm that one of the changes will be...
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    RS6 C6 headlights retrofitted to a B6

    Well lads, We came up with a brilliant idea to put together 3 sets of headlights to make one: - Rs6 C6 - A4 B8 - A4 B6 took the leds and the blade out of the rs6 and the projector out of the b8, all that was squeezed into the OEM Bi-xenon housing, here is the result :P Took a step...
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    RS6 graphite colour, what do we think?

    After 9 hours yesterday I managed to refurb my wheels and give them the 'new' look :) Here is the result: What do we think?
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    Spraying rs6s graphite. What colour code?

    As above. Im about to get my rs6s sprayed graphite but I dont know what colour code to go for! Has anybody ever done that before? If so, please post some pictures along with the colour code! Cheers!!
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    Upgraded my brakes to 320mm

    I have upgraded my brakes today from the stock ones to 320mm in the front and I will be doing the back ones tomorrow, they will now be 288mm instead of 245mm. This is what the kit looked like: Uploaded with Brake lines: Uploaded with Before: Uploaded with...
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    Rear electric windows has anybody retrofitted them?

    Im planning on fitting electric windows at the back, I have got the door harness and the 2 motors but In order to make it all working I need to change the pins in the connector in pillar B. Any1 ever done it before?
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    Audi A4 2002 tdi S line conversion, schwarz packet, leather interior &more,Pic heavy

    Hello, I have been here for a long time but never got a chance to show my motor and what Ive done to it, I bought it last year, fully stock SE model with extra cruise control and armrest + full onboard computer. Then I got the new Rs4 wheels: Blacked out the front...
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    Wipers, what ones to buy?

    I need to buy a new set of wipers for my baby. What would u lads suggest? I dont want to be spending too much but I also don't want to have to change them again next month or so
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    Fan blocked, won't spin, ECON on A4 B6

    Hows it going, i saw a few topics there about this problem but none of them actly said anything about a fan that wouldn't spin, the problem in mine is that I can't even spin it with my hand, its kinda blocked, would it be the bearings? Did anybody have that problem before? Thanks !