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  1. 205man

    AUX input, possibilities audi concert 2007

    i have the same stereo as you. I made my own lead from a 3.5mm jack cable and using instructions online as to which pins it needed to be connected to. You will also need to use VAGCOM to switch the aux option on if not already done so. (double press the cd button to see if it selects AUX)
  2. 205man

    LED sidelights blowing

    I have led sidelights but for some reason one of them will blow/fail after a few months. Ive tried about 4 different makes but still have same issue, normal 501 bulbs are fine but I don't like the yellowish colour of them. Anyone have an idea why they keep failing or recommend a make that is...
  3. 205man

    hids in an A3

    My friend has just bought an A3 1.6, and wants to fit HIDS. I told him not only would they be illegal they dont work with the a3 and can blow the wiper motors etc, and that was why i havent got them fitted in mine. He said wasnt to worried about the legal side, but why do they blow the wiper...
  4. 205man

    Been given a golf mk3 cabriolet

    My girlfriends grandparents have just told me tonight that they want to give me their mk3 1.8 golf convertible, they have 2 other cars and hardly ever use this one and it needs a little tlc . So they said I could have it as they know I like working on cars and knew I was looking for a new...
  5. 205man

    Indy recommendation - Herefordshire

    Hi i can recommend straightline performance in malvern ... not in herefordshire only just on the border in worcestershire. They are all ex main dealer mechanics
  6. 205man

    [Apr 16, 2016] Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagon STOCK CLEARANCE EVENT (Bromyard)

    Lol sandra you owe me money if you handnt mentioned this i wouldnt have spent money on goodies today lol Had some good bargins today so well pleased with my purchases ... if anyone fancy having a rumage through the stock then you might also find some bargins Helpful guys there as well
  7. 205man

    Bike carriers on roof racks

    I think halfords list them around £110 but I got them there during a sale for about £70 But I'd also search the net
  8. 205man

    Bike carriers on roof racks

    591 for me also .... Feel very secure and never had an issue with them yet
  9. 205man

    [Apr 16, 2016] Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagon STOCK CLEARANCE EVENT (Bromyard)

    Not far from me tbh so may as well take a trip over.... What time does it start Sandra?
  10. 205man

    Retrofitting Xenon Vs Bi-Xenon headlights into A3 8P

    I'm also interested can you let me know much it would supplied or fitted cheers
  11. 205man

    Chrome fog ring mod

    You will need to buy the fog light surrounds from the later a3's. Which will have the rings and strips fitted. They will not fit early models as they are as completely different shape and size to the ones fitted on earlier models You will then have to dismantle the rings and strips and then...
  12. 205man


    Will depend on how your service has been set ie longlife etc.... i needed to reset mine using vagcom as the button method doesnt reset the service indicator only the oil reminder
  13. 205man

    Chrome fog ring mod

    No unfortunatley you cant just buy the rings on their own even though they come apart and have their own part number. Audi will only sell them as a complete package. Best bet is to look on ebay for a second hand set but be patient as some are still expensive considering all you want isn the...
  14. 205man

    Chrome fog ring mod

    Afraid not as there are no clip holes on the earlier models... the rings and strips are bonded to the surround but its nots just a case of sticking them on as theres quite of bit of other work involved beforehand
  15. 205man

    A3 2007 Aux input stock stereo?

    I fitted an aux cable to my 57 plate concert (double din) with bose. I made the cable up myself and fitted it into the plug on the rear using the correct empty socket ... cost me literally couple quid but you i had to use vagcom to switch on the aux setting on the stereo as wasnt enabled. So...
  16. 205man

    Chrome fog ring mod

    I know some off you guys have thought about fitting chrome fog rings from later model a3 to prefacelift but ive not seen anyone post a photo of it done. I had done this mod about a a year ago but after 6 months i lost one of the rings so just removed the other until i got round to trying again...
  17. 205man

    Trim/panel removal

    does anyone know how you remove the plastic trim/ panel on the inside the door pillar. The one where the seat belt is fitted. I have a really annoying squeaking noise and it's coming from behind that plastic trim but can't figure out how you remove it without damaging it. Car is 2007 sportback...
  18. 205man

    Fog light bulb size

    im looking to change my fog light bulbs but seem to get conflicting info as to which I need... I'd prefer not to have to take them out to find out I have a 57plate s-line sportback, but not sure if they are h11 or h7 as both are listed
  19. 205man

    Sportback vs 5 door

    Thanks pluves1 that's what I thought and was the answer I was looking for. I'm just after some bars so i can fit cycle rack so I can transport my mtb bikes as I don't really want to go down towbar option and can't use rear mounted due to spoiler.
  20. 205man

    Sportback vs 5 door

    Yeah Im looking at ones with roof rails but some say for sportback whilst others say 5dr so was wondering was there actually any difference or was just a case of different name for same thing But cheers for that