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  1. Paul finch

    Rsq3 2020

    Anyone on here had a go in one of these?Can't get a test drive, just worried about the harsh ride. Thinking of one with adaptive. TIA.
  2. Paul finch

    For Sale S3

    SOLD 2019,Daytona grey, mine from new,9000 miles,no finance, super sports seats,folding mirrors,privacy glass,comfort package, B and O hi fi,quick sale now SOLD
  3. Paul finch

    For Sale S3 Jan 19

    No finance,ss seats, privacy glass,Comfort pack,folding mirrors, B and O hifi, mine from new,no previous owners 7880 miles. No finance, unmarked £27500 firm Based in Kent 07780560545
  4. Paul finch

    Wanted Sq5

    Looking for an sq5,got a well specced 2019 s3,expanding family, need,a bigger car,looking for swap,px cheers Froggy.
  5. Paul finch

    Sport pack

    Can someone please tell me what the"£1700 sport pack"is please on the configurater.Can't seem to find an explanation on there,thanks.
  6. Paul finch


    Waiting to pick a takeaway up in Headcorn earliert,right outside,facelift RS3 started up,never heard one before,!....not starting a my pre facelift is louder than yours argument,just sounded lovely!
  7. Paul finch


    Anyone else think the mirrors on a fl s3 pretty crap. Seem to have blind spots in both mirrors.
  8. Paul finch

    Door lights

    Are the red lights on a s3 my19 in the doors ment to illuminate, as mine don't?
  9. Paul finch


    First snow of the year here down south.Last year,me and the neighbour,me in my bm 240 and him in his 3 series soot chucker couldnt get up the slight gradient.He's still got the bm and couldn't get off the drive.Gave him a lift to the station this morning in the S3.Don't think he will go on about...
  10. Paul finch

    Colour envy

    Had two S3's now,both ordered from new,both Daytona.First was a 2015manual,latest,2019 5 door sb. (Prefered the 3 door tbh) anyway,just seen a silver S3 and thought,"I should have got silver"No "my colour is the best"would be great. Any new buyers with colour regrets?
  11. Paul finch


    Ok,we all love our s3,we big it up,give it large,but what don't you like about your car?
  12. Paul finch

    Mobile phone reminder

    Sorry,another newbie question.My new s3 was delivered last week.It had a reminder on leaving car "phone left in car"....however,since changing settings it no longer does this which I found useful. Can't find how to get it reinstated,manual no help,how can I get this back please.
  13. Paul finch


    Can someone tell me what this switch on the back of the wiper stalk does,no info in the manual.(2019 s3) cheers
  14. Paul finch


    Waiting for my MY19 s3,had a 2015 s3,a knowledgeable fella called Veeight (wrong spelling I know)was on here When I had my 2015 s3 he was very informative, is he still about?
  15. Paul finch


    Hi all,placed an order for a s3 late May (got knows delivery date)just had a 8 hour trip back from Cornwall in my bmw 240,just wondering if the s3 has a cooled glovebox? The bm didn't, but can't find any info on the s3. Sorry,one more question,what tyres should I expect my s3 to come with?
  16. Paul finch


    Hi all,got a s3 on order.No tech pack.Low power my 2019 version,300ps. On my previous car,f80 m3,could read sms messages,will i be able to to do this?